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Young Art Taipei 2015

IMG_20150423_134450Now in its seventh edition, the recently concluded Young Art Taipei 2015 is one of the best hotel art fairs in the Asian region, and certainly an important part of the annual contemporary art calendar.

Artemis Art is delighted to have been part of this prestigious event, and for our debut outing, we showcased seven young artists from Indonesia and Malaysia, namely Dedy Sufriadi, Justin Y., Lyia Meta, Nicholas Choong, Riduan, Soneo Santoso and T.W. Chang (also known as Skinner).

We were one of the 92 galleries that participated, and the only one from Malaysia, and one of the three from Southeast Asia.

Being in a new market for the first time is always exciting, and brings with it new challenges. We’re pleased to note that overall, it was a tremendous experience, despite the challenges. One great thing about art enthusiasts in Taipei is their receptiveness to art that’s out of the ordinary.

Perhaps the highlight for us is that one of the artists represented, Dedy Sufriadi, was selected to win the top prize for this year’s Young Art Award. This is an achievement that is truly beyond our wildest expectations.

artemisart_kl_2015-04-25_19-29-28Dedy, with his artwork, Burning Series: Eat, Love and Art #2, was judged the best among the five finalists. The runners-up and third place winners were Chiu Kuo-Chun (represented by ARTDOOR Gallery) and So Shimata (represented by Yiri Arts), while the other two finalists were Chen Kuei-Yen (represented by Gai Art) and Wang Tung-Shuo (represented by Ke-Yuan Gallery).

Another of the artists we represented at the art fair, Justin Y., also enjoyed some success, managing to sell several of his finger-painted acrylic abstract works.

As we mentioned, the Taipei art enthusiasts are quite open to works and styles are new to them, and certainly the Indonesian and Malaysian artworks provided them with something fresh.

In all, we’re very pleased with our decision to participate in Young Art Taipei 2015, and consider the venture successful. The Taipei art scene is certainly vibrant, and without a doubt, Artemis Art will return to the fair city in the near future.

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