Artemis Art begins our 2020 art fair programming with a return visit to Taipei, Taiwan, where we will be participating in the inaugural edition of WHAAAAAT’S STUDIO OPENING, taking place from January 17 – 19, 2020.

The art fair will be held at The Place Taipei, within walking distance to the Nangang Exhibition Center (the venue for Taipei Dangdai that takes place on the same dates), where Artemis Art will be exhibiting in room 2007. Featured will be artworks by two Indonesian artists, Gatot Indrajati and Laksamana Ryo. Also featured will be works by a young Filipino artist, Carl Modelo. 

WHAAAAAT’S STUDIO OPENING kicks off with a Preview from 11:00 to 13:00 on Friday, January 17, opening to the public from 13:00 to 21:00 the same day. For Saturday, January 18 , the art fair opens from 12:00 to 21:00, while for Sunday, January 19, the fair will be open from 12:00 to 19:00.

The Place Taipei is located at No. 196, Jingmao 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan 115. To locate the hotel via Google Maps, click on this link, or use the map shown to the right. The art fair organizers have provided a guide on how to get to the hotel on their website.

The weekend of January 17 – 19 will be a very busy art weekend for Taiwan’s capital city, where this year five art fairs will be taking place concurrently across the city, the main international attraction being the second iteration of Taipei Dangdai. Artemis Art’s participation in WHAAAAAT’S STUDIO OPENING marks our first art fair in Taiwan’s capital city since the final iteration of Young Art Taipei back in 2017. 

A short introduction to the participating artists plus a complete catalog of their exhibited works is provided here. An eCatalog of the works exhibited may be downloaded via this link. Should you have any enquiries or require information on any of the artworks or participating artists, contact us via email at in**@ar***************.com.

Gatot Indrajati

b. 1980 in Bogor, Indonesia

Gatot Indrajati’s affinity for wood is something that has its roots from the time he was a young child. Growing up, he fashioned his own superhero toys from wood that he found, unable to afford the ready-made plastic ones like what his friends possessed. His love for wood stayed with Gatot until adulthood, playing an important role in the artist’s practice. For WHAAAAAT’S STUDIO OPENING, we have selected a mix of his watercolor works and wood sculptures to be exhibited. 

Artwork Preview

Click on the thumbnails below to view full image and details

Laksamana Ryo

b. 1993 in Banyuwangi, E. Java, Indonesia

Originally from Banyuwangi in East Java, Laksamana Ryo is a recent graduate of the prestigious Institut Seni Indonesia in Yogyakarta. This young artist’s career, however, began much earlier while he was still a student, and in the past few years his artworks have been exhibited quite extensively within and beyond the borders of Indonesia.

At a glance, Ryo’s paintings are charmingly whimsical; pop surrealist artworks skillfully done in an illustrative style reminiscent of the world of anime. The classical visual veneer of his artworks, almost fairy tale like in appearance, broach subjects that are in contrast quite contemporary.

Upon closer examination the subjects this young artist’s works address are far from frivolous. Among them, critiques of traditional patriarchic society, social behavior that is quick to judge others, as well as the fluidity of modern day gender and gender roles, to name a few.


Artwork Preview

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Carl Modelo

b. 1994 in Manila, Philippines

Carl Modelo studied Fine Arts, majoring in Painting, at EARIST. He has been participating in group shows since 2014, including those held at Art in the Park, Manila Fame and Xavier Art Fair. With layering and dry brush techniques in his acrylic paintings, his pieces birth characters that are equal parts candy-sweet and salty as tears. Having been fascinated by Fernando Botero’s works in his student days, he too started painting rotund and voluptuous figures with magnanimous personalities inspired by Luis Lorenzana’s quirky characters, then moved on to oddballs of his own invention – coneheads in pinks and purples he calls wanderers, each creature sporting its very own disposition and story with emotionally expressive faces as their bodies. Lines make up for limbs as they hop, skip and dance across the minimally-adorned canvas, at times accompanied by text that add a layer of significance as it expounds on the image. . 

Artwork Preview

Click on the thumbnails below to view full image and details

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