These Violent Delights

These Violent Delights, the fourth solo exhibition by emerging Filipino visual artist Iyan De Jesus, is somewhat unique in that it has been structured loosely following Gustav Freytag’s pyramid structure of dramatic progression. It is an exhibition designed to be presented in three acts, and Artemis Art is delighted to host the first act, which be staged at our gallery from July 30 to August 16 2019.

In partnership with Vinyl On Vinyl in Makati, Philippines, we will be hosting the artist and her artworks in Act I of These Violent Delights, scheduled to open at 3pm on Tuesday, July 30 2019, with an opening reception to honor the artist.

The lush and exquisite figurative works in Act I set the scene for a memorable story, as we are introduced to the main players and plot line, beautifully rendered by Iyan in this opening act. Acts II and III are scheduled to be exhibited at Vinyl On Vinyl later this year.

Following the opening reception, Act I of These Violent Delights continues its run at Artemis Art until August 16 2019.

In June this year, Vinyl On Vinyl hosted Ajim Juxta’s solo exhibition Dystopians, and in continuing Artemis Art’s collaborative partnership with the Manila-based gallery, we’re hosting Iyan De Jesus in the Act I of her fourth solo, These Violent Delights, with Acts II and III to be staged in Manila later this year.

Loosely modeled after Gustav Freytag’s pyramid of dramatic structure, Act I of These Violent Delights sets the scene for a delicately told story, through the lush and powerful imagery presented in Iyan’s artworks. Act I contains four scenes, corresponding to the four artworks exhibited for the opening act.

A preview of the works is provided below. Click on the thumbnails to view the complete artwork image and its corresponding details.

Iyan De Jesus

IDJ Profile Pix

Born 1987 in Bulacan, Philippines

Contact us for artist’s profile.

This is the first time Artemis Art is featuring Iyan De Jesus

Self-taught artist Iyan De Jesus, known for her soft, luscious steampunk-inspired figurative works, shifts her attention in These Violent Delights, the artist’s fourth solo exhibition, to visual storytelling in classic dramatic fashion.

Presented akin to a stage play in three acts, her Kuala Lumpur debut sees Act I of the exhibition, with the other two acts scheduled to be exhibited in Manila later this year.

The attention to minutiae, obsession with geometric compositions and patterns, cleanliness of lines, and smoothness of surface hark back to De Jesus’s background in architecture and computer-aided design. These characteristics remain in her current body of work, whose visuals remind us of early 20th century dramatic films, such as those produced by renowned French filmmaker Georges Méliès.

The online (PDF) version of the publication for These Violent Delights may be viewed here or downloaded via the link provided below. Printed copies of the publication are available at Artemis Art, while stocks last.


Download PDF of the online version.

A selection of images from the opening of These Violent Delights on 30 July 2019 has been included in this section. The complete album may be viewed via our Facebook page.

Hover mouse over image to pause, click to view larger image and captions

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