Dedy Sufriadi - TEXTURE - Art Solo 2022

TEXTURE: Dedy Sufriadi in Art Solo 2022

Art Solo 2022 is a new art fair organized by the Taiwan Art Gallery Association (TAGA) to complement their existing art fairs: Art Taipei, Art Taichung, and Art Tainan. Artemis Art will be one of the participating galleries in the inaugural edition this year, a solo feature by Indonesian visual artist Dedy Sufriadi entitled TEXTURE.

Our participation in the inaugural fair this year also marks Dedy’s major art fair debut in Taiwan, following his participation in a number of smaller fairs including Young Art Taipei 2015, when he won the Young Art Award for that year’s fair. TEXTURE features a small survey of Dedy’s many style sets, covering mainly his text-related works and color field abstracts (from his Tabula Rasa series of works). Art Solo 2022 commences on 14 April 2022 with an invitation-only Preview Day, followed by the fair’s public days from 15 to 17 April 2022, taking place at the EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park

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In the close to 20-year career of visual artist Dedy Sufriadi, two elements have become important aspects of his artistic practice: text and texture. Both are abundantly present in our lives, often without us realizing it.

Take text, for instance. From the moment we wake up, until it’s time to retire for the day, we are inundated by text in every conceivable shape and form. Whether it’s the labeling on the daily-use products we utilize, to advertisements in both print and electronic media, we are bombarded by text in some form or another at virtually every waking moment.

It goes without saying that texture exists in virtually every object around us. Humans being very tactile creatures by nature, the sense of touch is crucial in assisting us navigate through our daily lives. And yet, our sense of touch, important as it maybe, is often simply taken for granted.

TEXTURE is a small survey of the many visual styles that make up Dedy Sufriadi’s total body of work, both elements featuring prominently in the visual language presented in his art.

Imbued with a strong philosophical vibe, Dedy invites us to delve into how the world around him is perceived and visualized. TEXTURE reminds us of the many often-overlooked details that make up the whole of our existence, clues that provide clarity towards understanding ourselves and the world around us.

It is perhaps also a reminder that the fabric of life, smooth as it may appear, will often provide us with surprises. In uncovering Dedy’s nuanced treatment of text and texture, we may even uncover unexpected insights about our own selves. Over everything else, it is a reminder that to really “see”, it is often necessary to pause for a closer, more intimate look.

在視覺藝術家 戴狄 蘇非阿迪近 20 年的職業生涯中,有兩個元素成為他藝術實踐的重要方面:文本和質感。兩者都大量存在於我們的生活中,而我們往往沒有意識到這一點。

以文本為例。 從我們醒來的那一刻起,直到該休息一天,我們被各種可以想像的形狀和形式的文字所淹沒。 無論是我們使用的日常用品上的標籤,還是印刷和電子媒體中的廣告,我們幾乎在每一個清醒的時刻都會受到某種形式的文本的轟炸。

不言而喻,質感幾乎存在於我們周圍的每個物體中。 人類天生是非常有觸覺的生物,觸覺對於幫助我們度過日常生活至關重要。 然而,我們的觸覺,儘管它可能很重要,但往往被認為是理所當然的。

質感是對構成 戴狄全部作品的多種視覺風格的一個小調查,這兩種元素在他的藝術中呈現的視覺語言中都佔有突出地位。

充滿強烈的哲學氛圍,戴狄 邀請我們深入研究他周圍的世界是如何被感知和想像的。 質感讓我們想起構成我們整個存在的許多經常被忽視的細節,這些線索為理解我們自己和我們周圍的世界提供了清晰的線索。

這或許也提醒我們,生活的結構雖然看起來很光滑,但往往會給我們帶來驚喜。 在揭示 戴狄 對文本和質感的細緻處理時,我們甚至可能會發現關於我們自己意想不到的見解。 最重要的是,它提醒人們,要真正“看到”,通常需要停下來進行更近距離、更親密的觀察。

Dedy Sufriadi

b. 1976 in Palembang, Indonesia 

Dedy Sufriadi is one of Indonesia’s leading contemporary artists of his generation. His artworks provide insights to the changing world around him through the use of visual elements frequently found in his artworks, among others, text, textures, naïve figurations, and gestural strokes. There is an aura of philosophical simplicity to be found in Dedy’s artworks, despite the multi-layered presentation often achieved through complex processes. In part, this could be attributed to the artist’s almost decade-long immersion in existential philosophy early on in his career. There is also the transition from strict logical application of compositional techniques to Dedy allowing his intuition to fully take charge; it is a process that the artist has progressively been infusing into his artistic practice. 

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1976年出生於印度尼西亞 巴倫邦

戴狄・蘇非阿迪 (Dedy Sufriadi) 是印度尼西亞最傑出的當代藝術家之一。他的作品中經常發現文字、紋理、樸素的形象和手勢筆觸,通過這些視覺元素,回應他周圍不斷變化的世界提供了另一種洞察力。儘管戴狄經常通過複雜的過程實現多層次的展示,但在他的藝術作品中可以找到一種哲學上的簡單的光環。在某種程度上,這可以歸因於藝術家在其職業生涯的早期沉浸在存在主義哲學中近十年之久。這是他從嚴格的邏輯應用組合技巧到直覺領先的轉變過渡;也是藝術家逐漸融入藝術實踐的過程。


The complete collection of works for TEXTURE may be viewed here or downloaded as a PDF. For additional information, contact us via the various channels shown on the front tab of this posting.

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