Tabula Rasa – Dedy Sufriadi’s first solo in China

Although Dedy Sufriadi is no stranger to exhibiting in China, Tabula Rasa, which is currently showing in Beijing, is a very important milestone for the Indonesian contemporary abstract artist, his first ever solo exhibition in Asia’s largest art market. Until now, Dedy’s works have been featured in the majority of art fairs in China that Artemis Art has taken part in.

The exhibition opened on April 2, 2021 and will continue for just over a month until May 9. Featured are some 25 artworks surveying a few of Dedy’s visual style sets, focusing on his naïve figurations, text and pure abstract works, from 2017 through 2019. Tabula Rasa is the result of Artemis Art’s continuing collaboration with curator Wan Jun over the past almost four years, beginning with the curator’s visit to Kuala Lumpur and Yogyakarta back in 2017. The exhibition was supposed to have taken place last year, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Co-presented by DESE DESIGN (德舍空间) and Beijing ShangQun Culture and Art Co., Ltd (北京尚群文化艺术有限公司), the team responsible for staging the exhibition are curator Wan Jun (策展: 万军), producer Zhao Yan (出品: 赵妍), and coordinator Wang Peng (统筹: 王鹏). Tabula Rasa is Dedy Sufriadi’s 19th solo exhibition, and is currently showing at 326 Cao Changdi International Art District, located in the ChaoYang District of Beijing (北京朝阳区草场地国际艺术区326号). 

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塔布拉 • 拉沙(Tabula Rasa )一词来自拉丁语,翻译为“乾净的板岩”,指的是古老的书写板(板岩),用粉笔将其书写物擦拭乾净,可以重新使用的一种洁白无瑕的状态。
哲学上,塔布拉 • 拉沙的概念在17世纪英国哲学家和医师约翰 • 洛克(John Locke)的主张下得到了普及,他们认为人类天生没有任何先天的心里条件或内容,处于最质朴的空白状态。人接受感官和经验影响形成个性,因此,每个人都可以自由去决定自己角色的内容。
戴迪•苏菲阿迪(Dedy  Sufriadi,1976年生于印度尼西亚,日惹Seni Indonesia学院美术硕士)运用了一些倾向来消解反讽、批评、自我批评与建构的审美意识形态之间的隔阂。虽然多归于固定工作模式,但经常会有无意识的自动流动——在视觉方面和技巧方面的观念探索中直觉有所回应。戴迪不单单是对哲学、歌词、器乐、谐讽演出(parody)、启发创意思考的矛盾文感兴趣,他也对这些内容通过不同媒介渗透进入他的作品感兴趣,相信这是以情感表达想法的最佳途径。
戴迪 • 苏菲阿迪的艺术实践中,塔布拉 • 拉沙(Tabula  Rasa)系列抽象作品使他以清晰的头脑走近空白的画布,没有任何计划或对绘画的先入为主的想法,他让直觉做指引,将自己在特定时刻的状态注入到作品中。人们当然可以认为这种做法是艺术家的随意涂抹和上色,但这种观点是错误的。戴迪允许自己的直觉自由奔跑,以长达二十年的艺术生涯中积累经验作为铺垫,在从无到有的过程中下意识地创作。经过一层层的颜料绘制,然后又进行刮擦或涂添去除甚至隐藏早期图层中创建的简单对象,这样反复进行,画布上逐渐的填充了直接来自于艺术家灵魂的构图,一直到他的经验意识告诉他“足够了”为止。
万军 (策展)

The word Tabula Rasa comes from Latin and is translated as “clean slate”. It refers to the ancient writingboard (slate), which can be wiped clean of chalk and reused.

Philosophically, the concept of tabula rasa was popularized by the 17th century British philosopher and physician John Locke. He believed that human beings are born without any innate psychological conditions or contents, and are in the most simple blank state. As a result, everyone is free to determine the content of his role.

There are some trends that Dedy Sufriadi (Born: 1976, Indonesia, Masters of Fine Art, Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI),Yogyakarta) employs in order to melt the barrier between irony, criticism, self-criticism and constructed aesthetic ideology. While most are working patterns, there is often unconscious automatism flowing – intuition in response to the idea of both visual and technical exploration. Dedy is not just interested in philosophy, song lyrics, instrumental music, parody, and paradoxical texts that inspire the creative process – he is interested in their flowing into his works through various media as he believes it is the closest way to emotionally express ideas and feelings.

In the artistic practice of Dedy Sufriadi, Tabula Rasa’s series of abstract works enable him to approach the blank canvas with a clear mind, without any plan or preconceived idea of painting.

He uses intuition as a guide to inject his state at a particular moment into his work. It is natural for people to think that this practice is just the artist’s random painting and coloring, but this speculation is totally wrong. Dedy allows his intuition to run freely, and guided by the accumulated experience in his 20-year artistic career, he subconsciously painted in the process of creation from scratch. After layer upon layer of painting, and then scraping or painting to remove or even hide the simple objects created in the early layers, the canvas is gradually filled with the composition directly from the artist’s soul, until his experience tells him “enough”.

Using variations of text and naïve symbolism, Dedy Sufriadi’s works infuse both the current ubiquity and historical importance of text into intricate abstract expressionist compositions.As an artistic element, text has replaced the line element that was so dominant in his previous works. What was once represented by lines in his paintng, now are representedby strings of texts on the canvas. The alphabets used daily can have diferent and unique characters that define them from one another. Outside the domain of their ‘meaning’, Roman, Chinese, Arabic, and other alphabets are pliable enough to be formed into impressive abstract elements.

Solo exhibitions are important points of measurement that establish the quality of creative work most suited for art. Dedy’s works can continue to inspire our eyes. His unmitigated creativity raises tensions that invite findings and innovation in each period of creative process. This periodicity of the creative process is specifically Dedy Sufriadi, along with his expressionistic, abstract and solitary styles that come together to create his own unique form that will always yield work of perseverance, tenacity and sophistication.

text by Wan Jun (curator)

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Over the last few years, Dedy Sufriadi‘s artworks have been regularly featured in our major art fair participations, as well as in collaborative exhibitions with partner galleries around Asia. Tabula Rasa is Dedy’s first solo exhibition in China, and marks an important milestone in the artist’s career, spanning some two decades.

We have included installation shots of the exhibition, which opened in Beijing on April 2, 2021 and continues until May 9, 2021.  

Installation Shots

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Exhibited Works

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