Shyevin S’ng

Shyevin S’ng

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Habitat 2Shyevin grew up in a small fishery town in Malaysia. Early on in life she started creating art and since then has always been into drawing and painting. She experimented with several different types of mediums to express in physical form what she had inside of her. After years of creating visual art, she felt that she had the deepest connection to oil.

Shyevin travels in and out of Vietnam, using it as her home base. With the love of travel, she is often inspired by the natural landscapes she visits. Her paintings not only capture the beauty of her subject, but also reflects her life ideals and life experiences she carries internally.

Shyevin’s work has been exhibited in galleries and collected by art collectors in Vietnam and oversea as in the United States of America, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

A selection of four works is on display at Artemis Art, as part of the “Emergence” group exhibition. Shyevin will also be having her next solo exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City in November this year.



2013Group exhibition at Luxe Art Museum, Singapore
2012Painter’s Journey” solo exhibition at Fine Art Museum, HCMC, Vietnam
 Art Korea” group exhibition, Korea
 Small Things” group exhibition at VinGallery, HCMC, Vietnam
 Emergence” group exhibition at Artemis Art, Kuala Lumpur
Group exhibition, Celebrating Women’s Day at Fine Art Association, HCMC, Vietnam

Group exhibition, “Mekong Art” at Fine Art Association, HCMC, Vietnam
2011Participated in Operation Smilie Charity Art Auction
Solo Exhibition “Le Petit Journal” at Ben Thanh Art and Frame Gallery, HCMC, Vietnam
Participated in Consular Club of Ho Chi Minh City’s Live Art Auction
2010Shyevin and Karen” Exhibition at HCMC, Vietnam
2009St. Andrew’s charity Art Auction
The Mosaic of Talents” Art Exhibition at HCMC, Vietnam



2011Le Petit Journal
2012Article in Word Magazine (see below)






































Artemis Art will be displaying Shyevin’s works beginning June 2012. Apart from at our gallery, her works are also on permanent display at

Vin Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Ngoc Tinh Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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