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Celebrate the Strange Objects

$ 1,800

Indonesian artist Agus Prasetyo has produced Art Brut-inspired artworks across many different mediums, including collage and printmaking, both of which are represented in our collection of this artist’s works.

Dimensions: 129 x 138 cm
Medium: Acrylic Hardboard Print on Canvas
Year: 2013

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This hardboard acrylic print on canvas by Indonesian visual artist Agus Prasetyo is part of a wide repertoire of different modes of art this artist is known for. In addition to printmaking, Agus Prasetyo’s body of Art Brut-inspired works have been produced across several mediums. As the title suggests, this piece is resplendent with all manners of strange characters and objects, rendered in vibrant, fun colors. You could say that this artwork is an invitation to celebrate and embrace the diverse world we live in, rather than simply stick to the safe and familiar all the time.

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