Opening Reception for de facto

The opening reception for de facto was held on Saturday, October 21 2017 at ARTDOOR Gallery Taipei (3rd floor), marking the first group exhibition organized by Artemis Art in Taiwan. Featured in de facto are works by four visual artists based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, namely Dedy Sufriadi, Indra Dodi, M. Fadhlil Abdi, and Robi Fathoni.  

With Art Taipei taking place on the same week, the event was graced by a few international guests, among them renowned young Indonesian collector Tom Tandio. Also present was visiting artist from Malaysia, Awang Damit Ahmad, whose works were exhibited by ARTDOOR at this year’s Art Taipei.


For more photos from the opening reception, visit our Facebook page, where more event images may be found in the album “de facto” Opening Reception.

Three of the four participating artists were also on hand, and it is unfortunate that Robi Fathoni could not make the trip. The event was graced by our guests of honor Ms. Donna Chen, Founder and Managing Director of Keystone Intelligence, Inc., and Dr.-Ing. Wiyu Wahono, an engineering professional who is known as Indonesia’s most cutting edge art collector.

de facto continues its run until October 31 2017, so if you happen to be in Taipei, do pay the exhibition a visit.


ARTDOOR Gallery Taipei is located at No.36, Ln. 164, Hulin St. Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11075, Taiwan (link opens in Google Maps). The main gallery is located on the 5th floor, while ARTDOOR Space (where de facto is held) is located below the main gallery on the 3rd floor.

The location map below provides an easy reference to find the gallery.


Visit ARTDOOR Gallery Taipei’s website for more information about the gallery.

de facto

adj. (Latin) denoting something that is such in fact

de facto brings together recent works by four visual artists based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Dedy Sufriadi, Indra Dodi, M. Fadhlil Abdi, and Robi Fathoni. The works by these four artists are distinct, each with their unique mode of visual expression, form, and ideas.

Despite the uniqueness of each artist’s works, there is a common thread that binds them. And that thread is the Reality of Being – spun from the unique social fabric that is Yogyakarta, which in itself is a microcosm of what Indonesia represents, a rich tapestry of cultures, heritages and histories. The individual expressions of this reality may be unique, but they are in fact different perspectives, colored by each individual’s own experience, of the same social landscape within which they reside.

For more information on the exhibition, and a look at the artworks on exhibit, visit the dedicated de facto posting on this website.

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