Mandi Cao Yilin

Mandi Cao Yilin

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Originally from Tianjin, China, Mandi Egan (Cao Yilin) studied at, and graduated from, the Tianjin Art and Crafts Institute, and later furthered her studies at the Australia Art School.



2008Solo Exhibition, Shang Gallery, Shanghai
2007Chinese elements” M50 Shanghai
2006Mixed Media Dialogue” Nanaimo Art Museum, Canada
2005Mixed Media Dialogue” Vision Express Youth Biennial, Shanghai
Solo Exhibition, Vienna, Austria
2004Lotus Flowers Series” Shanghai Duolun Museum
2003Lotus Flowers Series” Liuhaisu Art Museum
2002Lotus Flowers Series” Shanghai Art Museum



2003“Excellence Award” from Artists International Paris, France


MEDIA COVERAGE: “Artists”, “All About Art”, “Shanghai Artists”, Shanghai Tatler, Shanghai Daily
Image Flowers-Lotus

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