M. Fadhlil Abdi

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Born 1987 in Palembang, Indonesia

Although adept at various mediums of visual art, painting is currently the focus for young M. Fadhlil Abdi, originally from Palembang, but who has chosen to reside in Yogyakarta, as many artists from various parts of Indonesia tend to do, post-graduation.

His hyperrealism portraitures are skilfully executed, and this has earned him several top placings in a number of competitions he has participated in. Apart from participating in group exhibitions, Fadhlil also does commissioned portraiture paintings, referenced from photographs provided by clients, but executed with an added dramatic touch.

Much of Fadhlil’s current body of work consists of hyperrealist portraits of children, symbolic of a clean slate, filled with hope, and yet untainted by the many harsh realities that shape us as we become adults. Children, therefore, become a template upon which he then creates works talking about more specific issues and subject matters, such as the search for balance, a topic Fadhlil addresses in his two most recent 2017 works shown in de facto, a group exhibition he and three other Yogyakarta-based visual artists are a part of.

An ongoing project he has embarked on recently is equally interesting – the photo-realistic documentation of international female visual artists found via Instagram.


Bachelor of Fine Art, Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI), Yogyakarta



Top 45 Finalists, National Gallery of Indonesia Drawing Contest, Jakarta, Indonesia
3rd Place Winner, National Caricature Competition: “Sungaiku Kini dan Nanti”, Malang, Indonesia


2nd Place Winner, Live Creativity Art Competition, Singapore
2nd Place Winner, Indonesian Graphic Art Triennial IV, in Jakarta, Solo, Yogyakarta, and Bali, Indonesia


Main Winner, Faber-Castell Illustration Competition “My City My Responsibility”, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


3rd Place Winner, Art and Photography Exhibition of The Indonesian Heritage Society, Jakarta, Indonesia


Artist Appreciation Awards, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


2nd Place Winner, National Nature Painting Competition, PGRI University, Palembang, Indonesia


1st Place Winner, South Sumatera Warriors Painting Competition, Palembang, Indonesia
2nd Place Winner, HARDIKNAS Painting Competition, Palembang, Indonesia

Solo Exhibitions


Repress, Bentara Budaya in Jakarta, Bali, Solo, and Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Group Exhibitions


de facto, ARTDOOR Space, Taipei, Taiwan (co-organized with Artemis Art)
International ArtSwitch, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Kecil Itu Indah, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Seninjong #2, Plataran Djokopekik, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Yes We Are, Nalarroepa Ruang Seni, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Young Art Taipei 2017, Sheraton Grande, Taipei, Taiwan (with Artemis Art)


Bazaar Art Jakarta 2016, Ritz Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place, Jakarta, Indonesia
Paperu FKY28 2016, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
KII 14, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Vice Versa, Artemis Art @ Galeri Rumah Jati, Yogykarta, Indonesia
Art Stage Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore


Art Kaohsiung, Pier-2 Art Center + City, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Serendipity Manner, Masriadi Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Urip Mung Mampir Ngombe, Langit Art Space, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Art Expo Malaysia Plus, MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lovearth, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta and Bentara Budaya Bali, Denpasar, Indonesia
Bazaar Art Jakarta 2015, Ballroom, The Ritz Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pameran Ilustrasi Cerpen Kompas 2014, Bentara Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia
Suluk Sang Salik, Tahunmas Artroom, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Dies Mortalis, Die Fatalist!, Indonesian Art Institute Old Rector Building, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Potret Perempuan Jogja, Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Playing On Paper, Galeri Hotel Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
The Inaugural Opening, Art Xchange Gallery, Singapore
3rd Graphic Art Biennial, Transylvanian Art Center & Szekler National Museum, Romania
Realistic, Tahunmas Artroom, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Putih Telur, Cemara 6 Galeri, Jakarta, Indonesia
Fitur dan Figur, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Magelang Art Event – New Arrival Perspective, Rumahku Art Cafe, Magelang, Indonesia
How To Draw #1 – Reimagine Drawing, Gedung Gas Negara dan Gedung Yayasan Pusat Kebudayaan, Bandung, Indonesia


Panorama Indonesia, Yonizpur Multipurpose Building, Pasuruan, Indonesia
Coffeelicious, CoffeeTalk Art Space And Coffee Shop, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Kompetisi Karikatur Nasional: Sungaiku Kini dan Nanti, Perpustakaan Umum, Malang, Indonesia


Festival Seni Melayu Asia Tenggara, Indonesian Art Institute Padang Panjang, Padang, Indonesia
Your Stage, Your Creation, Ion Orchard Art Gallery, Singapore
Indonesian Graphic Art Triennale “IV”,  Bentara Budaya in Jakarta, Solo, Yogyakarta, and Bali, Indonesia
Ideal World (Interpreting a Perfect Life), North Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
Aku, Kamu, Mereka Berekspresi Dalam Seni, Dance Department Pavilion, Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Art And Graphic, Faber Castell Building, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Mata-Mata Kecil, Angsa Cafe, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
The 3rd Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok, Thailand


Parallel Event Biennale Jogja 2011, Katamsi Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Disambar Desember, UPT Gallery, Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
In Flux, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
26th Sea Games Fine Art Exhibition, Ballroom Hotel Aryaduta, Palembang, Indonesia
For Whom The Bell Tolls, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
New Or?, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah Art Gallery, Solo, Indonesia
Tribute To Raprika Angga, Graphic Art Building, Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Dari Salib Menuju Terang, Wisma Mahasiswa Katolik, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Association of Indonesian Fine Art Student, Fine Art Building, Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Art Toward Global Competition, UPT Gallery, Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Sewon Art Fair, Pasar Seni ITB, Bandung, Indonesia
Laminating Art Project, Jakarta, Indonesia
Jogja Gumregah! Jogja Bangkit!, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
BSMI Seleksi Daerah Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta State University Fine Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Jogja Art Scene” for FKY XXII, Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Art For Our Life, Kis Zsinagoga Gallery, Eger, Hungary
Drawing Lover #2, UPT Gallery, Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Legend Syndrome, Cafebale, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Penggaris Itu Dosa, Lobby of Interior Department, Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Art and Photography Exhibition 2010, Sentral Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia


Hi Grapher, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta
Biennale Jogja X: Jogja Jamming, Public Room, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Disambar Desember, Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian Graphic Art Triennale III, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Bali, Indonesia
Drawing Lover #1, Katamsi Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Exploration of Creativity, D’Peak Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pameran Seni Rupa 2009, Galeri Cipta Dewan Kesenian, Palembang, Indonesia
FKY #21: “How Art Lives”, Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Self Publication, Taman Budaya ,Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Artmaugetdown, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Abrakadabra: TK FESTIVAL Magic of Art, Dago Tea House, Bandung, Indonesia
Abrakadabra: TK FESTIVAL Magic of Art, Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Rekonstruksi Zaman Keemasan, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Bangga Indonesia Gali Keragamannya, Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Pesta Topeng Monyet, Balai Sriwijaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Artploration, Dance Department Pavilion, Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


BSMI Seleksi Daerah Yogyakarta, Sanata Dharma Campus, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Unity Of Art, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Golden Box II, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Golden Box I, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Ahaaa…!, V-Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


1001 Misteri Borobudur, Galeri Pondok Tingal, Magelang, Indonesia
Mata-Mata Jogja, Jogja Gallery , Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Colak-colek Bikin Rindu, Indonesian Art Institute Fine Art Department Plaza, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Spirit, Katamsi Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Musim Panas Fantasi, Galeri Biasa, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Homage To Homesite, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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