Lyia Meta

Lyia Meta

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the-aria-2012-mix-media-102-x-76cmLyia Meta, a vibrant singer songwriter and visual artist spent her early childhood admiring her father’s paint brush fly across huge expanses of canvas. Each stroke leaving her in awe and wonder at the magic he wove.

Born in Malacca to a Malaccan Portuguese father and a Sinhalese Chinese mother, she doodled, sketched and painted from as far back as she could remember. After school, she pursued distance studies in Interior Design, got married, had a kid and fell in love with the stage. Making music her life, she sang in various parts of the peninsula but always kept her art close to her heart.

Fast forward 20 years and she is still singing but her art has become more of a channel for which she can better express herself and her emotions. Citing her mother as her staunchest supporter and her husband her source of strength, she paints what she feels, how she sees life and when she needs to. Her relationship with her art is as fiery as the artist herself. She loves every moment spent in front of the canvas and the peace it brings when it nears completion.

“I am a self-confessed romantic. I draw inspiration from the people around me and life itself.  I  have always loved drawing/painting strong women.  The people that have passed through my life or who are currently part of have at sometime or another influenced my art.  I never plan what I paint, rather I try to convey the emotions that hold sway over me at any given time.  Preferring to allow the brush to take me where it will,  I paint feverishly and never stop to think where I am going…until I have reached my destination.”

Artemis Art is delighted to have been chosen by Lyia to house three of her paintings. Expect much more from this young artist in the very near future, whose works are exciting in a way very different from the other pieces on display at the gallery.



2014Twitter Art Exhibition” – Orlando, Florida, USA
2013Asia Hotel Art Fair (AHAF)” – Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong
 International Women’s Day exhibition: “My Day” – Viva Home Exhibition Hall, Kuala Lumpur
 50 Shades of Malaysia – Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (with Artemis Art)
2012Emergence” group exhibition at Artemis Art, Kuala Lumpur




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