Lu Fang

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Chinese name: 盧昉

Born 1977 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Lu Fang has demonstrated his great talent and dedication in painting since he was little. Born in Taiwan, he traveled with his family to live in the US at age 4, and spent seven years there before returning to Taiwan. After obtaining his Bachelor degree in art, he continued with his studies in Spain, and later had his first solo exhibition in London before once again returning to Taiwan.

The dialogues between “the East and the West”, as well as the juxtaposition of “the classic and the contemporary” are the inspirations behind Lu Fang’s paintings. After living in the western world for many years, Lu Fang’s strong love for the paintings in the Renaissance period has urged him to combine classic paintings with modern life. This interweaving process is interesting but very challenging.

Among the more memorable of Lu Fang’s creations is a character called Mr. Big Nose, essentially a caricature of himself, who appears as a playful intruder in the works of the old Renaissance masters. More recently is the artist’s imitation of Bruegel, where the activities of modern day Taiwan replace the original depictions of the common people in the old days of the European Renaissance, creating interesting juxtapositions of both time and geography.

Lu Fang, through his masterful strokes, has essentially created a path to a whole new level destined to be different from contemporary artistic norms.

In terms of image, I employed famous classic paintings and transformed them with a fresh concept and perspective to formulate my artistic language. Since Duchamp added a moustache on a Mona Lisa replica, such an approach of 'appropriation' has garnered much attention as well as controversy in contemporary art. It allows artists to appropriate the historic messages conveyed by the subject of appropriation and the public's visual experience to re-interpret classics while giving birth to a new type of art.

Lu Fang (“Dialogue Between Past and Present” exhibition catalog, 2017)


Master of Fine Art from University of Salamanca, Spain
Bachelor of Fine Art from National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
(also attended one year of PhD. program in the Department of Painting and Conservation, University of Seville, Spain)

Solo Exhibitions


Dialogue Between Past and Present, Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art, Caotun, Nantou, Taiwan 


Time Traveler II – A Play on Classical Paintings, MOT ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan


Time Traveler – Mr. Big Nose in Wonderland, MOT ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan


Solo Exhibition, Ablemarle Gallery, London, UK

Group Exhibitions


Image Out of Images, Cloud Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan (with Gallery Kogure)
AAM Find Myself Part II, Art and Arch Museum, Taichung, Taiwan


Art Taipei 2015, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan


Art Taipei 2014, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan


Art Taipei 2013, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan


Art Taipei 2012, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan


Young Art Taipei 2011, Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan


Art Taipei 2010, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Young Art Taipei 2010, Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan


Young Art Taipei 2009, Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
Otaku, Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Y.E.S. Taiwan – Young Emerging Stars, Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Concurso de Pintura Figurativa (Figurative Painting Contest), Foundation of Fran Daurel, Barcelona ,Spain


Concurso de Pintura Figurativa (Figurative Painting Contest), CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain
Concurso de Pintura Figurativa (Figurative Painting Contest), Tyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain


Art Exhibition, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Group Exhibition, Hong Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan


The Joy of Growth Group Exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Traveling Exhibition of Classical Oil Painting Techniques, Chunghua, Taiwan


Lu Fang is currently an adjunct instructor teacher at National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, and the National Defense Medical Center

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