The Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards (KLPA) is an annual event focusing on portrait photography and attracts participation by photographers from all over the world. Included this year will be a special segment called Focus Japan: Concepts in Portrait Photography, featuring the works of six Japanese photographers: Mitsu Maeda, Mayumi Suzuki, Yukari Chikura, Shinya Masuda, Taro Kawachi and Yui Takahashi.

It is indeed fortuitous that Artemis Art has been given the opportunity to be a part of the Focus Japan program. We will be hosting one of the six photographers, Shinya Masuda, who presents KATSUKO, a collection of his works selected from several series the photographer has produced over the years. KATSUKO is the sixth photography exhibition we have hosted since 2014, and our first exhibition featuring a visual artist from Japan.

The exhibition begins on Saturday, 6 August 2016 and continues until 17 August, concurrent with the KLPA Exhibition at White Box, MAP@Publika, Kuala Lumpur. All works presented in KATSUKO are available in editions of 5, and are available for purchase.

In addition, we’re happy to announce that Shinya Masuda will be coming to Kuala Lumpur, as part of the Focus Japan program, and as such we have planned a vernissage for KATSUKO beginning 6:30pm on Friday, 12 August 2016. The event will provide an opportunity to meet with Masuda-san, and to learn more about his body of work. Contact us via email at in**@ar***************.com if you are interested to attend.

KATSUKO: complete artwork collection

KATSUKO is a collection of 15 artworks selected from several different series of works created by Shinya Masuda over the last several years. All the artworks shown are available for purchase as limited editions of 5. These will be available for purchase after the exhibition run ends, until December 31 2016. For anyone interested in these prints, you may contact us at in**@ar***************.com for further details.

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KATSUKO, a solo exhibition by award-winning Japanese photographer Shinya Masuda, is a collection of 15 works spanning several series of photography works. Taken as a whole, the exhibition delves into the idea of human memory, articulated through sublimely manipulated photographs of spoiled food and other organic materials. All things with form, Masuda-san states, will one day pass away from their physical form, leaving only memories in our minds.


Artist Statement (English)

When I was very young, my grandmother said `All things with shape will pass away after all’. I can still remember that phrase now. At that time, I believed that some things could live forever.

There is an old, well-known Japanese phrase, “Shogyo Mujo”, which is considered to be the ideological foundation of Buddhism. “Mujo” means a state that is in flux or not permanent.

People’s memories are made from things that have a shape. But eventually, all things with shape will pass away, after all. Only the memories remain forever.

One day I found that some food in a box that my parents sent for me to eat had gone bad. Although I was disappointed about that at first, I just went on to take pictures of it.

When I thought about the care and love my parents put into their gift to me, which now had become just rotten and mildewed food, I was overwhelmed with emotion.

It was now just wasted food, not a loving gift from my parents. Then I hit upon a good idea. It was just like that – to decorate one of them beautifully as a ceremony for a dying object. Would it become something new or just food going to waste?


Artist Statement (Japanese)







Profile at LensCulture


Born: 1965 in Nagoya, Japan

Graduated from Nagano Art School (Department of Visual Communication & Design)



  • KATSUKO, Artemis Art, Publika, Kuala Lumpur
  • FAUX, The Center For Fine Art Photography (C4FAP), Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


  • EWAAC – East-West Art Award Exhibition, London, UK


  • EWAAC – East-West Art Award Exhibition, London, UK


  • Tokyo Graphic Passport, Tokyo, Japan



  • FAUX Exhibition Director’s Honorable Mention, Center for Fine Art Photography (C4FAP)


  • Finalist, EWAAC (East-West Art Award Competition) 2014


  • Best Photography, EWAA (East-West Art Award) 2013


  • Finalist (Photography), Tokyo Graphic Passport

Life Inspired (Tuesday, August 30 2016)

An interview with Shinya Masuda was conducted by Ms. Dee May of Life Inspired during the KATSUKO vernissage and viewing party on Friday August 11 2016 at the gallery. Interpreting for Shinya was fellow KLPA Focus Japan photographer Ms. Mayumi Suzuki.

The Star (Saturday, August 13 2016)

The Star 2 section of Malaysian national english daily The Star published a short feature on KLPA, highlighting the Focus Japan: Concepts in Portrait Photography segment of the exhibition, which includes a mention of KATSUKO.

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