Intuitive Perceptions

Artemis Art is pleased to present Intuitive Perceptions, a virtual exhibition featuring three artists with whom we have been working closely with over the past few years, Ajim Juxta, Dedy Sufriadi, and Syahbandi Samat. With the COVID-19 situation here in Malaysia still fairly grim, particularly in the Klang Valley, we thought it appropriate to present this as an exclusively online virtual exhibition. To enter the exhibition, use the display below, which also allows you to view the exhibition in full-screen mode.  

Virtual Exhibition Notes:

  1. The Intuitive Perceptions virtual exhibition is best viewed on a PC or large tablet.
  2. You have a choice of browsing the exhibition manually (click Enter Exhibition) or by selecting the Start Guided Tour option. For the Guided Tour, the sequence is predetermined by the artwork positions. In the case of this exhibition, you will start with Syahbandi Samat’s works, followed by Ajim Juxta’s, and finally Dedy Sufriadi’s.
  3. The Guided Tour may be paused/resumed at any point. When you resume the automated tour, the next work displayed will be the last one you viewed. 
  4. To view the artwork details, click on any artwork then click on the info button beside the partial artwork name (top right hand corner). 
  5. The virtual exhibition is fairly intuitive, and provides menus to help guide you through the browsing experience. Should you run into any difficulties contact us via email at in**@ar***************.com

Click here for full artist profile

Ajim Juxta

Ajim juxta’s formal training in architecture has provided him with the foundational knowledge that has helped hone his intuition about the environment, and humankind’s role in its destruction. His series of works, centered around the Monomania and Tugu groupings prognosticate what a possible future might look like if we continue to treat nature recklessly as we have for a long time, all in the name of “progress”. What we see are future “monuments” of man’s greed, once majestic hills and mountains laid bare from endless exploitation of natural resources, without giving much thought to the damage caused in the process. 

Click here for full artist profile

Dedy Sufriadi

Presented in this exhibition are works from two different series by Dedy Sufriadi: Tabula Rasa and Hypertext. While one grouping are pure abstract and the other text-based works, what these two series have in common is Dedy allowing his intuition more leeway compared to the formalistic compositional logic and rules that he’s been trained in. These works embody the artist’s true inner self, his intuition honed by a two-decade long career as a visual artist, and as is often the case, what’s produced can only be described as spectacular.

Click here for full artist profile

Syahbandi Samat

The collection of works by young Malaysian artist Syahbandi Samat are deep introspections as he examines his past, dredging memories, some of which have been buried deep in his psyche. What the artist perceives from this self-examination is presented as surrealistic dreamscapes, his collection of “confessions” kept in a virtual dream museum, adorned with personal symbols and arcane imagery. For Syahbandi, this is not a frivolous exercise, nor is it meant as self-torment. Rather, as he processes his past, he takes stock of the freshly remembered experiences, extracting valuable lessons in preparation for facing a future filled with uncertainty. 

Browse the catalog here or downloaded a copy via this link
(if catalog does not load, click Full Screen View or Page Thumbnail button)

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