Hangzhou Art Fair 2019

Hangzhou Art Fair 2019

Artemis Art’s fourth art fair for 2019 took us to the city of Hangzhou, making it our second showing in China this year after AArt Citizen Art Shanghai 2019, also in the month of May. The art fair took place from May 31 to June 2 at hall 1D of the Hangzhou International Expo Center. Featured in this exhibition were recent works by five young and emerging artists from Indonesia and Malaysia: Ajim Juxta, Dedy Sufriadi, Indra Dodi, M. Fadhlil Abdi, and Taufik Ermas.

This marks the first time Artemis Art exhibited in Hangzhou, home of the China National Academy of Fine Arts, located just off the famed, picturesque West Lake. Hangzhou is a fast growing city, gearing up for the 19th Asian Games, scheduled to take place in 2022. This fast expansion could easily be seen especially around the Expo Center where the art fair took place.

Our assigned booth for the art fair was B13, within the International galleries section, Artemis Art being the only gallery from Southeast Asia to take part. In all, the works of all five artists exhibited were well received, presenting something different in terms of visual aesthetics from what the audience is typically used to. 

Five young and emerging artists featured in Artemis Art’s participation in the 12th edition of Hangzhou Art Fair were Ajim Juxta, Dedy Sufriadi, Indra Dodi, M. Fadhlil Abdi, and Taufik Ermas. Presented here are a compilation of works shown by the five artists.

Ajim Juxta

Ajim Juxta is a young Malaysian artist with whom Artemis Art has been working closely with for the last three years. The collection of works exhibited in the art fair comprises recent works by the artist, from his continuing Arcology series of works, with his canvas and Ink and Coffee on Paper works focusing on the Tugu (Monument) subset. 

Ajim Juxta will be having his first international solo exhibition this June when Dystopians opens at Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines, another important milestone in the artist’s young career.

Exhibited Artworks

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Dedy Sufriadi

Over the last few years, Dedy Sufriadi has been regularly featured in our art fair participations. His participation in the 2015 edition of Young Art Taipei saw Dedy win the Young Art Award for that year, the first time an Indonesian artist has done so.

The collection of artworks included in Hangzhou Art Fair 2019 are Dedy’s more abstract works, including those from the Tabula Rasa and Identification Object series. Also included is one work from his Hypertext collection, text being an important element in Dedy Sufriadi’s art. His works exude a strong sense of the philosophical, not surprising due to his extensive reading in the area of Existentialist Philosophy for close to a decade. Despite his artistic practice embracing his more intuitive side, Dedy’s philosophical grounding cannot help but show in his works.

Exhibited Artworks

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Indra Dodi

A natural-born storyteller, just about any event or even conversation may spark an entire series of imageries that eventually find their way onto Indra Dodi’s canvas. The selection of works picked for this art fair tell many stories inspired by everyday events and memories, depicted on the canvas in the naïve style Indra is well-known for.

The childlike and playful nature of his works are disarming, and a reminder that despite the trials and tribulations we may face in life, it’s important to balance our lives with some fun and play, in addition to the necessary work and toil. 

Exhibited Artworks

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M. Fadhlil Abdi


Click here for artist profile

Previous art fairs & exhibitions (selected)

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de facto


For M. Fadhlil Abdi, the photorealist artist who makes a very strong impression wherever his art is exhibited, joins our line up of young and emerging artists for this art fair.

In his recent works, Fadhlil’s focus is on the hyperreal paintings of children, which to the artist are symbolic of innocence and purity. He views children as having the potential of teaching us what it is to be pure again, purity being something that has gotten lost along the way as we grow into adulthood, tainted by the many experiences we have gone through in the process.

Although hyperrealism is not a skill that is by any measure unique among artists, Fadhlil is certainly the youngest we have come across in person, currently in his early 30s. 

Exhibited Artworks

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Taufik Ermas

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-05 at 11.54.15

Artist CV/profile available on request

Previous art fairs & exhibitions (selected)

Art Jakarta 2018

The dialectic of space is central to the body of work that Indonesian artist Taufik Ermas is best known for. The works selected for this art fair, however, feature a new technique of canvas manipulation that the artist has been experimenting with in the past year.

Using a combination of sewing and stuffing, Taufik uses this technique to express the idea of scarring, both physical and psychological, in human beings. Similar to the reasons of why the utilization of space was prominent in his earlier work, Taufik Ermas addresses another aspect of the severe trauma he experienced during the major Yogyakarta earthquake in 2006 – the psychological scars that the devastating event has left him to grapple with.

Exhibited Artworks

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