Exhibition: Prologue

Exhibition: Prologue

Prologue poster 1 rev 1 RGB 400pxIn all likelihood, the name Intuitive Art Group is one that will not ring any bells. The six young artists who make up this collective are final year Fine Art students, and this is the first time they are exhibiting as a group. But don’t let their youth be a deterrence.

Each with a unique talent and vision, the Intuitive Art Group consists of six very talented individuals: Azimuddin Abd Manaf (who participated in Emergence last year), Mohd Hanif Hafiz, Nik Mohd Hazri, Nur Fiqah Mohd Qari, Zaimuddin Aziz, and Zharif Hazwan Badrudin.

Every journey has a beginning, and Prologue marks the start of what we think will be a very productive journey for these six artists, as they embark on their respective art careers.

The exhibition will run from April 6 to 30, 2013 at our gallery, and will officially open at 6:30pm, on Saturday, April 6. We are quite honored that En. Rahman Amin, a lecturer at UiTM’s Faculty of Art and Design, has agreed to be the guest of honor for the opening. Rahman Amin, himself an artist, is known for his mild steel sculptural works,based on Kufic script renditions of the words “Allah” and “Muhammad”. He has participated in a number of exhibitions in recent years, his most recent participation being the Urban Art 2 exhibition held at Pelita Hati Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, earlier this year.

Collectively, the works from the six artists are an “honest, bold and true expression”, as described by Rahman, who is also one of the lecturers that the artists have studied with. While fairly basic artistic methods are used, the artists manage to take their works to a higher level, giving us a view into how they see the world that surrounds them.


Prologue – a preview of works

(click on any thumbnail below to view larger image)

As a debut exhibition, it is also noteworthy that the Intuitive Art Group has taken a bold initiative to hold their exhibition outside the comfort zone of their academic institution. This is certainly something exemplary, demonstrating the daring spirit of these young artists, something they will need to face the many challenges in the future.

Prologue is Artemis Art’s second group exhibition for 2013, and has been selected to be one of the exhibitions included in the National Visual Arts Gallery “Satu Pameran Untuk Semua” (One Exhibition for All) catalog project. We hope that you will be able to attend the exhibition during its run, and help support young art, by young artists yearning to find their place in the Malaysian art scene.

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