Exhibition: Emergence – Young Artists, Young Art

Exhibition: Emergence – Young Artists, Young Art

There has definitely been a noticeable increase in art-related activities in the last couple of years or so, especially in and around Kuala Lumpur, where our gallery is located. The same, too, could probably be said of the other major cities in Malaysia. The art scene in this country is definitely becoming more vibrant.

That said, the focus has primarily been on artists who have managed to establish themselves in the art milieu, or young artists who have managed to get their career off the ground and are on the ascent. But what about artists just getting started?

We are of the opinion that much can still be done to help those artists who are virtually unknown outside their own social circles. An important requisite for an artist’s career to flourish is participation in formal exhibitions. Since its inception almost a year ago, Artemis Art has made giving young artists a space to display their art one of its primary objectives. Holding this exhibition, in a sense, takes this mission to the next level.

Emergence is a group exhibition featuring the works of six young Malaysian artists: Azimuddin Abd Manaf, Hafiz Hajeedar, Harold “Egn” Eswar, Lyia Meta, Shyevin S’ng, and Skinner (T.W. Chang). Their styles are quite varied from one another, and cover diverse stylistic areas of what’s considered “contemporary”. A total of 27 pieces by these six artists will be on display.

At a glance, the art showcased in this exhibition may appear to cater more to younger sensibilities. While it is important that young artists be given the space and opportunity to flourish, equally important is the cultivation of a younger generation of collectors in order that the Malaysian art scene continues to thrive.

Emergence will be officially opened by Ms. Sharmin Parameswaran of interpr8 art space at 7:00pm on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012. Just as new artistic talents are necessary for a thriving art scene, so are young art appreciators and collectors. As such, we are honored to have Sharmin, herself a young art collector, to open the exhibition.

We believe that the relationship between artist and collector is a symbiosis, and how well that symbiosis develops has a definite impact on the vibrancy of the art ecosystem within which both reside. And with this collection of young art from young artists, we hope to connect with a younger generation of art enthusiasts, and hopefully, young collectors as well.


Emergence: A Preview


Profiles of Participating Artists

Azimuddin Abd ManafA young artistic talent that promises to shine, Azimuddin is currently pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at UiTM. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in the last few years, and has won a number of awards in his young career. More recently, Azimuddin was selected as a Top 10 finalist in this year’s Nando’s Art Competition. The selection of works in this exhibition displays his realist skills, as well as his exploration and experimentation of new thematic styles.
Hafiz HajeedarArtwork and Artisan go hand in hand is a personal principle that drives Hafiz’s artistic endeavor. He is an artist who doesn’t conform to any one stylistic category, continuously honing his skills progressively. For Hafiz, the canvas becomes a personal diary and an extension of his inner self, every turn in his artistic journey recorded for posterity. It could be said that his works are a manifestation of how he applies his senses and sensibility to understand the world around him. Hafiz doesn’t shy away from experimentation, and some of his technical explorations can be seen within the works on display.
Harold “Egn” EswarThe realm of sociopolitics becomes a pivot for Egn’s works, each piece telling us the story behind an issue that dogs the mind of this young artist. Tribalistic street art in appearance, with tinges of Haring-like sensibilities, his works delve deep into the stories that he tries to tell, covering such serious issues as domestic violence, corruption and the interdependence between traditional media and its consumers. His works are rich in narrative as much as they are in vibrant colors. Egn is certainly one artist who creates art for the thinking person, producing works that invigorate the mind, as well as the visual senses.
Lyia MetaThrough the ornate and delicate textures that are characteristic of her works, romanticism and music are some of the elements that are instantly recognizable. Not surprising, since Lyia is also an active singer-songwriter. While music continues to be an important part of her life, it is visual art that has become a channel through which she best expresses her thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This artist grew up in an artistic environment, her father himself a visual artist who was an early influence on the artist. A self-confessed romantic, Lyia draws inspiration from her own experience, as well as people around her, allowing her work to lead her to sometimes surprising artistic destinations.
Shyevin S’ngWhile she is little known here in her home country Malaysia, Shyevin has made a name for herself in Vietnam, where she is currently based. Her works are very rich in texture, inspired by the many different places this avid traveler has visited. Her medium of choice is oil, with which she eloquently captures those unique moments in time to immortalize, with much depth and feeling.
SkinnerBorn T.W. Chang, Skinner is a self-taught artist, whose complete body of work covers many illustrative styles, using a variety of media. For this exhibition, artworks from his iconic Dark Forest series, and the more recent Smoke series, have been selected for display. The ornate detail found in both series of pen and ink drawings is quite spectacular and awe-inspiring, for instance, his earlier Dark Forest series of drawings, based on roots motifs. Skinner is one artist who pays great attention to detail, ensuring the end-result of his work meets the intended and desired effect.


For the artists participating in this exhibition, it is our sincere hope that Emergence enables their artistic talent to be appreciated by a wider audience, and that it provides the required impetus for them to continue with their artistic endeavors. For a few of them, this marks their first participation in a formal exhibition, making this exhibition an important milestone in their careers as artists. And for that, our congratulations.

Regardless of where they may be on their journey, the time has come for them to emerge.



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