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Exhibition Details - 400x400pxDocumentation is an important part of any gallery’s operations, and as such Artemis Art has created an online repository of catalogs and associated materials for the exhibitions that we have organized. For those exhibition where catalogs were not printed, we have included relevant materials, such as artist and artwork profiles.

This listing will be updated as and when we have new catalogs to put up, and we’ll post an update on our Facebook page when we do so.

Hardcopies of selected catalogs are available for sale, while stocks last. If you would like a hard copy, come by the gallery or drop us a note.


Year of Exhibition: 2013, 2012




Cracko Art Group “Circus” Exhibition

January 13 to 31, 2013


Intuitive Art Group “Prologue” Exhibition

April 6 to 30, 2013

Sorry, but we no longer offer the hardcopy version for sale at the gallery, and there are no plans to reprint this catalog.



“Paint With Me” Exhibition

May 19 to 31, 2013

An exhibition in collaboration with Tutti Art Club, featuring the works of 3 Special Artists and their creative mothers. No physical catalog was produced for this exhibition.

“Binding and Separating” – a solo exhibition by Riduan

June 28 to July 20, 2013

Solo exhibition by emerging Indonesian artist Riduan. This was his first solo exhibition outside of Indonesia.

The hardcopy version of this catalog is available for sale at the gallery (price: RM 8.00)


Shyevin S’ng: “A Painter’s Journey”

August 24 to September 14, 2013

Shyevin S’ng is a young Malaysian artist who has been living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and has made quite a name for herself there. “A Painter’s Journey” is her homecoming solo exhibition, the first major exhibition this artist has had in Malaysia.

The hardcopy version of this catalog is available for sale at the gallery (price: RM 8.00)


50 Shades of Malaysia

August 27 to September 17, 2013

This catalog commemorates the “50 Shades of Malaysia” exhibition held at Publika Shopping Gallery, part of the M50 Selamat Hari Malaysia nationwide exhibition project. It showcases 50 artworks from 48 young Malaysian artists, each depicting their view of nationhood. The exhibition was held between August 27 and September 17, 2013 at level G2 of the Publika Shopping Gallery area.

The hardcopy version of this catalog is available for sale at the gallery (price: RM 50.00)

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Colours of Joy

October 13 to 20, 2013

This is the virtual catalog for the fourth exhibition focusing on children and young adults with learning difficulties. The exhibition was held from October 13 to 20, 2013. No physical catalog was produced for this exhibition.

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Intuitive Art Group: CARBON

October 31 to November 19, 2013

CARBON is the second group exhibition by the Intuitive Art Group collective, this time around with a slightly different lineup and expanded to seven members. This e-catalog is an expanded version of the printed physical catalog, which now includes a curatorial write-up by Azzad Diah Ahmad Zabidi.

The hardcopy original version of this catalog is available for sale at the gallery (price: RM 8.00)

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Our Love, Our Passion, Our Gratitude

May 8 to June 8, 2012


mea cuppa – 15 coffee-inspired artworks

June 28 to July 12, 2012


Yogya Invasion 01: Three Degrees of Abstraction

July 13 to 31, 2012


Pieces of Joy

October 7 to 21, 2012



October 24 to November 27, 2012


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