Dua Alam

The phrase Dua Alam in literal terms means ‘two worlds’. But in both figurative and literal ways, it best describes the two participating artists, and their relationship to both art, and the place they now call home.

George Town, Penang is many things to different people. Often times the city is a destination, and sometimes home. For two artists, George Town has become a base for them to practice their vocation, realizing their artistic dreams, and actualizing the eclectic ideas that rush through their minds. For Bibichun and Sattama, the island state is all these, and more.

In collaboration with independent curator Sharmin Parameswaran, Artemis Art is pleased to present Dua Alam, a two-man show by the duo. Comprising recent works, the exhibition brings to the fore a pop art-centric view of life as the two see it, through the many filters the two apply to the landscape of life, or as Sharmin puts it, “Unlocked and inspired by various triggers; experiential, relational, substance-tial“.

Dua Alam opened on Saturday, April 13 2019 and is scheduled to continue its run until May 6 2019.

Dua Alam

(Bahasa Malaysia) – two worlds/realms

Bibi & Satt are communicating. Inviting us to look/see within their train of conscious/subconscious thoughts. Unlocked and inspired by various triggers; experiential, relational, substance-tial.

Both artists are steeped in visual aspects of today’s popular culture. Lucid lines, shouting colours, awkward images, designed appearance – how can we not pay attention (read Like).

Pause. Take more minutes to plunge in. Bibi, relating non-stories of his life; where there is always tomorrow, to have to continue with responsibilities and consequences. Satt, inviting us to FRIKTOPIA, where exists a very peculiar, and perplexing condition of being; yet satirically familiar. Postulating, we live in ONE WORLD, and the OTHER WORLD lives in us.

Sharmin Parameswaran

Hanging Guide

We’ve prepared a hanging guide for the works exhibited, with details for each work. The guide may either be viewed here, or downloaded as a PDF.



Bibichun profile image

b. 1983, Malaysia

Previous art fairs & exhibitions (selected)

This marks the first time Artemis Art is exhibiting Bibichun’s works

Since emerging onto the Malaysian art scene in the late 2000s, self-taught artist Bibichun (aka Khor Zew Wey) has exhibited extensively both domestically and abroad, and has been involved in artistic endeavors that have been described as being “clandestine interventions”, in and around George Town, Penang, as his way to better understand issues such as authorship and identity, plus pushing the boundaries of what’s considered “public space”.

In Dua Alam, Bibichun presents three bodies of work that are introspective, inviting us a peek into the artist’s persona, and his interesting world view, through visual stories whose endings consist of potentials. For the present, at least.

Artwork Preview

Click on the thumbnails below to view full image and details

Passing The Joy

We Are All Innocent


Website - Sattama

b. 1983, Malaysia

Previous art fairs & exhibitions (selected)

This marks the first time Artemis Art is exhibiting Sattama’s works

Sabah-born Sattama (aka Satria Utama) is a multidisciplinary artist, whose practice covers a wide range of mediums and modes, transcending beyond the visual to include music/sound and performance. Artistic talent is something that runs in the artist’s family, his grandfather the very well-known Indonesian old master painter, S. Sudjojono.

In Dua Alam, Sattama takes us on a visual journey through Friktopia, an imagined plane of sweet sensory chaos and loud distractions.

Artwork Preview

Click on the thumbnails below to view full image and details

The online version of the publication has been paginated for ease of reading. The original print version was a foldout two-sided catalog, each side dedicated to one artist. You may download the online version as a PDF via the link below the viewer.

Download PDF of the online version.

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