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eFlyer_Conjoin_Spontaneous1The word spontaneous has a few meanings, depending on context. One of these definitions is the idea of a natural inclination or impulse, and the absence of external stimuli.

SPONTANEOUS #1 is the first project by CONJOIN, the fledgling art collective recently formed, and brings together four artists with very varied styles. In its current configuration, the collective consists of C.C. Kua, Celine Wong, Nicholas Choong, and founder T.W. Chang, more popularly known as Skinner.

The conceptual abstractions of Nicholas Choong, the naive yet layered playfulness of C.C. Kua, the dreamy fashionista stylings of Celine Wong, and the goth intricacy of T.W. Chang; looking at the artists and the nature of their art, this collection of works by the four artists may sound disjointed on the surface.

But put them side by side, there is a natural flow of visual energy that seems to emanate almost effortlessly. Different as their styles may be, one thing is clear from their work: art is something that comes naturally to the four. Calling this ensemble of works spontaneous is indeed very apt.

The SPONTANEOUS #1 ensemble was curated by founding member T.W. Chang, who says that there is no strict theme that the artists had to adhere to. That said, the works are quite strong, and demonstrate the skill and thought process of each of the four participating artists.

And then there’s the collective energy and synergy, despite the disparate styles.

As a first effort, CONJOIN shows the potential that it has as a collective of artists from different disciplines. Regardless of whether they are from the fine art or graphic design disciplines, it is the strength and dedication of each artist that will become the key criteria for the group’s success.

Artemis Art feels that if they keep to their mission and vision, CONJOIN will indeed find the success they seek. It certainly is early days yet, but if they continue to exhibit the strength shown in their first outing, we are confident that the group will continue to flourish and hopefully grow, both in terms of membership and diversity.

SPONTANEOUS #1 opened on July 26 at Artemis Art’s pop-up gallery, Lot 48 at Level G2 Publika Shopping Gallery, on a very quiet note. We are planning for an official opening, tentatively scheduled for August 7, 2014. The exhibition will continue until Sunday, August 17, 2014.


SPONTANEOUS #1: sneak preview of artworks

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CONJOIN is a fledgling art initiative spearheaded by visual artist Skinner (aka T.W. Chang). Its aim is to bring together artists from various creative disciplines into a single movement.

Quite frequently, artists tend to only gravitate within their specific disciplinary spheres. This is probably true universally around the world, but is particularly apparent in the Malaysian context. But who is to say, for example, that only practitioners of fine art create art, when the output coming from the graphic design domain are in their own right artistic?

This movement, therefore, aims to break the imagined barriers that exist between disciplines, bringing together creative minds and spirits into a single unified collective where art and creativity become the operative criteria.

In addition, collective aims to instill a greater sense of self-discipline and the desire for continued artistic self-improvement among its members. It is not enough to merely create “art”, but to produce quality art.


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