Born In Malaysia: A Photographer’s Journey

When “Born in Malaysia” was used as the basis for a unity-themed exhibition earlier this year at Publika, Kuala Lumpur, it opened the book up to a wider audience. Part of the exhibition focused on the superb photography that played a major role in making the book the success it has been thus far.

In the month of November 2014, the photography aspect of the book is further expanded when Born In Malaysia: A Photographer’s Journey makes its way up to Penang for a month-long exhibition at Vic’s in ChinaHouse, George Town (one floor above The Canteen).

The exhibition will feature selected images from the book, plus additional supporting images, many previously unpublished, allowing the viewer a glimpse at the visual story behind the story. In total, over 20 photographs will be exhibited.

South Chan Kin Wah -3604

One of the iconic photographs that will be on exhibit at ChinaHouse in November

The exhibition will commence on Saturday, November 1 and continue for the rest of the month. Born In Malaysia: A Photographer’s Journey will officially open on Sunday, November 2, 2014 at Vic’s in ChinaHouse, located on Lebuh Pantai, in the George Town heritage district.

The opening reception begins at 3pm, and to officiate the exhibition, it is indeed a great privilege and pleasure to have, as our guest of honor, Joe Sidek, Director of the George Town Festival.

The annual month-long festival has become a must-attend, and has helped put Pulau Pinang – George Town, in particular – back on the global art and culture map. It is therefore a tremendous honor for us that Joe has graciously agreed to open the exhibition.

Central Abdullah bin Johar KL87772

Another of Kenny Loh’s photographs that can be found in “Born In Malaysia”

In addition to the photography by Kenny Loh on exhibit, we will also be running a photo competition, featuring some nice prizes to be won, including one Canon SEPLHY compact photo printer every week as the grand prize, courtesy of Canon Marketing Malaysia. Details of the competition will be announced very soon on this website, Artemis Art’s Facebook page, Born In Malaysia’s website, as well as via the exhibition’s Facebook event page.

Kenny Loh will be present at the opening reception, and you will have the opportunity to meet the author/photographer, plus purchase signed copies of the book, “Born In Malaysia“.

Many thanks to the wonderful folks at ChinaHouse for their support in helping bring Born In Malaysia to a wider audience in the Northern Peninsular areas. We look forward to seeing you in Penang!

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