Borak-Borak Seni Nusantara

Borak-Borak Seni Nusantara

Borak Seni Nusantara-01


In conjunction with Riduan‘s solo exhibition (starting June 28, 2013), Artemis Art is organizing its first art talk session at 8pm on Thursday, June 27, 2013, at White Box Publika. This will be the first of many information and experience sharing sessions organized by us, aimed at providing young artists the opportunity to meet and interact with artists from abroad, and an added avenue for them to broaden their horizons.

Participating in Borak-Borak Seni Nusantara will be two emerging Indonesian contemporary artists, Riduan and Dedy Sufriadi, both of whom are based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Designed to be an informal exchange, Riduan will share his experiences of his artistic journey thus far, while Dedy will touch briefly on the contemporary art movement in Indonesia.

We hope that many young artists will take this opportunity to meet and speak with the two artists. We have also invite art academicians, plus other members of the Malaysian art community to attend, in hopes that this will be a good platform for idea and experience exchange. For practical reasons, the informal dialog will be conducted primarily in Bahasa Indonesia, with Bahasa Malaysia and English used as and when necessary.

For further information, contact us at the gallery, during opening hours if by phone. Alternatively, we also have a Facebook event page for this event. We hope to see as many young artists as we can reach out to attend this session… Jom Borak!

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