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“Binding and Separating” – a solo exhibition by Riduan

Ropes and lines – these are two elements that feature prominently in the solo exhibition by emerging Indonesian artist Riduan, entitled “Binding and Separating“. The commonality in the two elements used: the rich texturing employed by the artist, making Riduan’s works quite distinctive and recognizable.

The official opening for the exhibition was held on Saturday, June 26, 2013 at our gallery, and the collection will continue to be on display until July 20. We were indeed honored to have Ambassador Dato’ N. Parameswaran to be our guest of honor. Dato’ Param – a name that needs no introduction to the Malaysian art scene – served as a diplomat in Indonesia twice, and thus quite familiar with Indonesian art.

In his introduction written specifically for this exhibition, writer Anton Larenz stated that Riduan works belong to a genre he calls Yogya Surrealism genre, born out of the continuing paradoxical struggles between modern urbanity and tradition that is very much part of life in Yogyakarta.

Larenz adds that Riduan is among the artists who play the role of ‘critical observer’,  and this collection of works among other things is the artist’s response to the ever-changing social landscape of Yogyakarta, and a reminder to the audience overall about not forgetting our basic values.

The full essay by Anton Larenz has been included in the exhibition catalog, providing valuable insights into the artist Riduan and his artistic practice. The complete catalog is available for browsing or download below.

Click on the thumbnails to show a larger image and artwork details

Browse the exhibition catalog below. The catalog is also available as a PDF download.

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