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In all likelihood, “beauty” is not an attribute that one would automatically associate ferocious wildlife with. For young artist, Haris Rashid, however, it is exactly this attribute he finds fascinating. Where most people see primarily danger, he sees an innate beauty within these creatures, which he considers the essence of nature.

The energy and personality the artist senses in them is the central focus of Beauty in the Beast, young artist Haris Rashid’s debut solo exhibition.

Perhaps it could be said that these fierce creatures embody an idea that’s double-edged – their beauty could easily lull us into forgetting their ferocious nature. At the same time, belying their ferocious exterior, there is much beauty and awe in these wild animals.

Accentuating the natural beauty of these beasts, Haris adorns the areas surrounding them with opulent lushness; imagined flora inspired by Eastern motifs and patterns. We see tinges of geometric designs, layered over with other structures and styles unique to this part of the world, including hints of calligraphic strokes and batik-like washes.

Serious art aficionados may view these works as being somewhat decorative. Perhaps there are instances where this notion does come across. Haris Rashid’s works embody strong sensibilities of an Eastern-styled art nouveau. And, in addition, nuances of neo-classical romanticism, as well.

In these works, there are no complex aesthetic concepts to grapple with. The artist’s primary intent is to highlight the pure beauty he sees in the wild subjects of his works. After all, who says that art must necessarily be complicated before they can be appreciated?

By showing the beautiful side of these creatures, Haris hopes to ignite the desire in us to view conservation of nature, particularly wildlife, with more seriousness. It would be a tragedy if these beasts, ferocious as they may be, one day become extinct, thus depriving future generations the opportunity to marvel at their beauty, except through human depictions.

An artist’s first solo exhibition is a momentous occasion in his or her career, and Artemis Art is certainly honored that we have been given the privilege and trust to host Haris Rashid’s debut solo outing.

Beauty in the Beast begins its run on Monday, March 23, and continues until Sunday, April 12, 2015. An official opening reception will be held at 8pm on Friday, March 27, 2015.

It is with great pleasure to announce that the guest of honor for the official opening reception is Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Daim Zainuddin. YABhg Tun Daim is name that’s well known to the Malaysian art scene, and we are honored that he has taken time out from his busy schedule to grace the occasion.

As with our other exhibition openings, refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you at the official opening, or at some point during the exhibition’s run.

Beauty In The Beast: a sneak preview of artworks

(Click on any thumbnail below to view larger image and details)

The exhibition catalog featured here is in a modified format, and has been paginated to facilitate easier viewing online. The original tri-fold format printed version is available from the gallery.

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