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Asia NOW Paris 2022

Artemis Art is pleased to announce our debut participation in Asia NOW – Paris Asian Art Fair 2022, from 21 – 23 October 2022 (with the Preview and Vernissage taking place on 20 October). We will be exhibiting at booth M03 (in the Cour Mansart section) where we will feature recent works by Dedy Sufriadi, Syahbandi Samat, and Taufik Ermas.

In its eighth edition this year, Asia Now Paris is an art fair that focuses exclusively on art from the Asia region. This year’s edition also sees the art fair being at a new venue, the historic Monnaie de Paris, located at 11 Quai de Conti, on the banks of the River Seine.

The diversity of styles represented by this collection of works is a microcosmic reflection of Southeast Asia’s sheer diversity in various aspects – be it culture, food, language or socio-politics – across the ten nations that make up the region. There is certainly a lot to discover amidst the myriad of art practices and visual styles found across the region.

While this small collection can nowhere near comprehensively define visual art from the region, it is our hope that what we’ve selected to exhibit at this fair becomes a good entry point to begin discovering the rich and expansive tapestry of practices and styles, all of which collectively contribute towards ‘defining’ the multifarious visual art forms conglomerated under the nebulous banner of “Southeast Asian Art”.

For additional information about the artworks and the participating artists, email us at in**@ar***************.com, or through the various channels listed on this page.

See you in Paris!

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Dedy Sufriadi

b. 1976 in Palembang, Indonesia 

Dedy Sufriadi is one of Indonesia’s leading contemporary artists of his generation. His artworks provide insights to the changing world around him through the use of visual elements frequently found in his artworks, among others, text, textures, naïve figurations, and gestural strokes. There is an aura of philosophical simplicity to be found in Dedy’s artworks, despite the multi-layered presentation often achieved through complex processes. In part, this could be attributed to the artist’s almost decade-long immersion in existential philosophy early on in his career. There is also the transition from strict logical application of compositional techniques to Dedy allowing his intuition to fully take charge; it is a process that the artist has progressively been infusing into his artistic practice. 

Complete Artist Profile

Syahbandi Samat

b. 1992 in Malaysia

His use of the ordinary ballpoint pen has made self-taught Malaysian artist Syahbandi Samat one of the more unique Malaysian artists currently practicing, and whose works are almost always instantly recognizable.

Syahbandi’s works currently delve deeper into his own psyche, projecting his inner thoughts, experiences, and aspirations. Successfully breaking away from the need to “please” with his artistic creations, Syahbandi addresses issues that are important to him, such as corruption, the environment, and of course, introspective works dealing with his own life experiences.

Complete Artist Profile

Taufik Ermas

b. 1984 in Indonesia

The dialectics of space and delving into what lies behind human psychological scarring are among the ideas central to the current body of work by Indonesian artist Taufik Ermas. He survived a near-tragedy during the major 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake that caused his home to collapse, burying him alive for a short period before being rescued.

Canvas augmentation is a central feature to his current body of work, either through physical canvas frame modifications to create negative space within his visual narratives, or through his layer/contour technique, where Taufik creates physical ridges (or its inverse, niches) on the canvas surface without tearing through or cutting the canvas.

Complet Artist Profile

Asia Now Paris 2022 eCatalog

The eCatalog for Asia Now Paris 2022 contains the complete collection of works by the three participating artists, and may either be viewed here or dowloaded as a PDF. For artwork enquiries, contact us via email at in**@ar***************.com, or via any one of the contact channels listed.

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