as deep as I could remember, as far as I could see

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the first solo exhibition is an important milestone in an artist’s career, marking a symbolic arrival, and a declaration of readiness and willingness to see their career as an artist through. Caryn Koh’s debut solo, as deep as I could remember, as far as I could see, is certainly her most important exhibition to date in her young career.

Caryn’s solo comes at a pivotal period in her life, having recently relocated to the UK where she is now based. as deep as I could remember, as far as I could see features recent works by the artist as she comes to terms with her past, while looking forward to what life has to offer looking ahead.

The exhibition begins on Friday, 12 October at Artemis Art, with an opening reception scheduled to begin at 7pm on Saturday, 13 October 2018. Following the opening, the exhibition continues until 31 October 2018.    

Caryn Koh


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Previous art fairs & exhibitions (selected)

Masks and Stories (2018)
Primer For A Language (2017)

Although Artemis Art only started to exhibit Caryn’s work in 2017, during a group exhibition entitled Primer For A Language, we have been following her career for the better part of the last two years.

Best known, for her Sekolah series of works – drawings and paintings featuring a blue-pinafore clad young girl – Caryn had already started to make a name for herself as an artist when we first met her. This was not long after she made the decision to pursue visual art, having qualified as a medical doctor previously. Immediately, we knew that Caryn was an artist with great determination. Her Sekolah series, while whimsical at first glance, certainly had a deeper aesthetic to the works, dealing with events and memories that has stayed with the artist well into adulthood.

as deep as I could remember, as far as I could see marks a transitional point in her trajectory as an artist, analyzing and coming to terms with her tumultuous school years; a part of her wants to cling on to this, but at the same time knowing she has to move on. This emotional flux experienced can almost be felt in the collection of works selected for the exhibition.

Caryn’s debut solo also marks the first time Artemis Art is incorporating video as part of an exhibition, through her 12min 59sec piece entitled Right Here.


Artwork Preview

In addition to the electronic version of the exhibition catalog (viewable here), a limited number of printed copies are also available at the gallery.



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