Leik Lim (林麗勤)

b. 1991, Ipoh, Malaysia

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2019  Degree in Creative Art and Design, Hsuan Chuang University, Taiwan
2012  Diploma in Illustration, Dasein Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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After graduating from the Dasein Academy of Art, Leik Lim worked as a typesetter and illustrator for three years in an International Children Education Group, after which she furthered her studies at the Department of Art and Creative Design, Hsuan Chuang University in Taiwan.

As a child, her unbounded imagination conjured a world that was powerful and unconstrained. But as she grew older, the realities of the real world and adulthood constantly smothered and stifled her fantasies and imaginative energies. Thus, she became determined to create her own childhood wonderland through her art.

In the world of Leik Lim, Disney characters or small babies often appear, her mapping to a more innocent time. These represent symbols of love, purity and liberty in her heart and mind. Influenced by pop surrealism art movements, Leik Lim combines characters rendered cartoon style with issues she observes through the lens of her adult realities, creating vivid and sharp contrasts.

For Leik Lim, this is a sort of soft confrontation. She feels most adults have chosen to strike a compromise with the world, to face the many challenges and intrigue in it. However, voices from the bottom of her heart still call out, to remind everyone that the memories and feelings of childhood cannot be left behind. The pure colours, cherubic and vivid characters in her paintings, coalesce to form an intimation for us to revisit the beauty and innocence of our childhood.

林丽勤,1991年出生于怡保,马来西亚。于达尔尚艺术学院插画系毕业后, 她在一家国际幼儿教育 集团担任了三年的排版与插画师。随后在台湾玄奘大学艺术与创意设计学系深造。 成人的世界充斥着形形色色,灯红酒绿的现实。童年的回忆已经被纸醉金迷的成人世界淹没在心底。她的创作 灵感来源是童心,希望通过作品唤醒人们对童年的美好回忆。

“在我还是孩童的时候,我的世界可颠倒现实,天马行空。但逐渐成年的我,想像力正不断地被现 实的世界所扼杀。我挣扎于现实与童年的世界中,我想建立一个属于我的童年仙境。”

在她的童境世界里,经常会出现迪士尼卡通人物或小婴儿的身影。卡通和婴儿正是她对童年的映 射, 并代表着心中美好、纯洁和无拘无束的现在象征。林丽勤受到流行超现实主义的影响,画中的 虚构的卡通人物常与现实课题的作结合,产生了鲜明的对比。

这更像是一种软对抗。大人们已经选择了与世界妥协,去接受这个充斥着利益、勾心斗角的世界 。可心底的声音仍然在呼唤着每个人,那份童年珍存的回忆与无法割舍的情感。在她画作中,纯 净的色彩、丰满的人物营造的画面,像是让人回到了童年。

Group Exhibitions


Art Jakarta 2022, Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia (with Artemis Art)
Art Taichung 2022, The Lin Hotel, Taichung, Taiwan
Art For All, GMBB KL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (with Artemis Art)
The Realms of Spirit, Imavision Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
One Art Taipei 2022, The Sherwood Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan


Art Taichung 2021, Millennium Hotel, Taichung, Taiwan
JingArt Art Fair, Beijing Exhibition Center, Beijing, China
Art Tainan 2021, Shangri-La Far Eastern, Tainan, Taiwan
Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom, Imavision Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Spotlight 2020 by Penang Art District, 179 The House, George Town, Penang, Malaysia


Colour – Parallel Universe Asia Illustrations Annual Awards Exhibition, Shanghai, China
Color Rhapsody, Leevan Art Museum, Shenzhen, China


Asia Heat Festival Asia Illustrations Annual Awards Exhibition, Xi’an, China
Leevan Art Fair, Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen, China


得體 DIRTY, Idea Dejia Art Space, Hsinchu, Taiwan



Top 20 Finalists, Spoltlight Competition 2020, Penang Art District
Asia Illustrations Annual Award 2020


1st Prize, Lions Club 100th Anniversary Creative Awards, Taiwan


1st Prize, 2nd China Trend Hazzys Illustration Competition, China

Dr. Naresh Aggarwal, President, Lions Club International (2017-2018), Delhi, India

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