C. C. Kua

Born 1991 in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia


Profile-PixSome have described the works of young artist Kua Chia Chi, better known as C.C. Kua, as doodles, and not necessarily proper paintings or drawings. We disagree. Looking at her body of works, there is some level of depth to this young artist’s art. Perhaps a more apt visual description would be to call them spontaneous.

Born in Kedah, C.C. obtained her Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, and has since been working as a graphic designer. In 2014 she was roped in by her artist friend Skinner into CONJOIN, a fledgling collective of visual artists from various disciplines.

It is through this collective that C.C. got the opportunity to exhibit her art publicly, joining three other artists from the collective to display her works in SPONTANEOUS #1, held at Publika and supported by Artemis Art in 2014.

Among the many interests this young artist has is the decade of the 60s and Pop Art. Looking at her body of work, these interests do manifest themselves. Some Basquiat-like imagery can be discerned. Also seen are some tinges of Dadaism and what some might term as anti-art. Whether or not this is consciously done is not known, but think of her art as being honest expressions of the way C.C. sees the world around her.

“I like stones as they are gray; they are neither white nor black, the ˜in-between creates so much possibilities in life. There is nothing absolute now in the postmodern era. To me, visual art serves as a catalyst that provokes thoughts”

Apart from ‘spontaneous’, C.C’s art is also honest and unpretentious, as she digests and expresses what goes on within and around her. For sure, this young artist, given the opportunity to exhibit and further her artistic vision, has great potential.


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Graphic Design and Illustration, The One Academy (degree conferred by the University of Hertfordshire)

Solo Exhibitions


  • Mosquito Bite, Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space, Kuala Lumpur

Group Exhibitions


  • ILLUSTRATION WALL, Einstein Cafe, Kuala Lumpur


  • CONJOIN: SPONTANEOUS #1, Artemis Art @ Lot 48 Publika, Kuala Lumpur


  • Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan (MBBT), Publika, Kuala Lumpur



  • Kancil Awards 2013 – 2 Bronze Medals and 2 Merits (3 illustration posters for iProperty Malaysia, under Creative Juice Kuala Lumpur)

In The Media


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