Artemis News: May 30, 2012

Artemis News: May 30, 2012

We’re starting a new series of postings where we keep you up to date with what’s going on with this website. As you may have noticed, if you browse this site often enough, that from time to time new stuff is added to the site. We thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a periodic update, so that you’re up to speed.


A decision was made to disable the native WordPress commenting system, as it has become pretty much a spam magnet. In its place, we have implemented Facebook Comments, which also allows you to keep track of conversations you may be a part of. The only drawback to this (possibly) is that you would need a Facebook account to leave comments. We figure, however, that since a large number of folks online are already on Facebook, this is an acceptable drawback. If you think otherwise, do leave us some feedback.

Artemis Art’s In-Gallery Library

We now have an in-gallery library, consisting of 37 book titles (some of which are for sale – see below), and a collection of catalogs from exhibitions we have attended. The complete listing of books available in our library is available here, or by clicking the Art Book Library link at the top of the page. We will soon be updating the listing to include the catalogs we have in the library.

Art Books for Sale

Selected books in our library are available for sale, made possible through our partnership with The Art Gallery Penang. Some of these books are unique references that are invaluable if your interest lies in Malaysian art and its history.

200 Malaysian Artists

An important reference detailing 200 of the most important Malaysian artists, up to 2001.

200 Malaysian Artists

This is perhaps one of the most important books available in our library when it comes to Malaysian art. Datuk Dr. Tan Chee Khuan has painstakingly compiled profiles of the 200 most important Malaysian artists, up to 2001, when the book was published. Among the books available in our in-gallery library, this has been the one most requested for, and so we decided that it would be a good idea to keep a few copies in stock.

The hardcover book has over 350 pages, and is described by the author as a “one of a kind” reference on Malaysian artists and their art. Artists whose careers are cataloged in this book include names that are synonymous with Malaysian art, and also other prominent artists who may not be as well known.

This book is one of the many authored by Dr. Tan Chee Khuan that are available in our library. At present, we have a few copies in stock at a very reasonable price of RM 100 per copy.

Treasury of Malaysian and International Art

Another book authored by Dr. Tan, this 192 page volume focuses on the development of art in Malaysia and the surrounding region, including China, Indonesia, Singapore, The Philippines, and Vietnam, among others.

Published in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of The Art Gallery Penang, this book serves as another invaluable reference for art collectors, and provides insights into how art developed domestically and regionally.

We currently do not have additional copies in stock, but we can assist you in ordering a copy. The price, similar to 200 Malaysian Artists, is RM 100 per copy.


Eight Pioneers of Malaysian Art

This booklet briefly covers the works of eight artists, considered to be pioneers of Malaysian art, and is a good companion guide to Treasury of Malaysian and International Art. The eight artists whose works are featured in this book are Abdullah Ariff, Chuah Thean Teng, Khaw Sia, Kuo Ju Ping, Lee Cheng Yong, Mohd Hossein Enas, Tay Hooi Keat, and Yong Mun Sen.

Eight Pioneers of Malaysian Art is a good guide for those keen in getting started collecting Malaysian pioneer art work, and is priced at RM 20 per copy.



Getting Started Finding the Flow – our Thursday Class Graduates!

Last Thursday, May 24th, 2012 marked the completion day of our first class of participant for Getting Started Finding the Flow, a creative writing class conducted by Ms. Sharon Bakar.

Congratulations to our Thursday class for completing their 10-week "Getting Started Finding the Flow" creative writing class

No surprise that after 10 weeks of the course, the last day proved to be a little emotional. So did the group manage to find the flow? Well, let’s just say that writing is a passionate journey that lasts a lifetime, and what the course did provide was a good starting point for the group to begin exploring.  Congratulations to everyone in the Thursday group.

The second (Saturday) class is now into its fifth week, and from what we surmise, is moving along quite smoothly. Artemis Art will definitely be organizing more classes in the near future, including a follow-up course to Getting Started. Keep an eye out for updates both here on our website, and also on our Facebook page.

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