Artemis News: June 18, 2012

Artemis News: June 18, 2012

Product Launch Art Jam at The Bee @ Publika

On Thursday June 7, 2012, a group of 15 young artists gathered together for an art jamming session at The Bee @ Publika, in conjunction with the launch of the Genio™ from the Nescafé® Dolce Gusto™ line of products.

The result? 15 pieces of art that we will exhibit at the gallery from June 28 to July 12.

mea cuppa website banner promo

Coming soon to Artemis Art!

Check out the event photo album on our Facebook page for more images from the art jam. We’ll be providing updates on the official opening soon. Check back to this site, or sign up for our mailing list (scroll to the bottom of the page), so that you are kept up to date with our events.


Expanding the Art Library

Recently we have added new titles to our small in-gallery library, as well as ordered additional copies of selected titles that are now available for sale. One of the new titles we would like to highlight is “Lee Joo For (Retrospective 1957 – 1995)“, published by The Art Gallery Penang.

Lee Joo For Retrospective 1957 - 1995

This retrospective gives us a good insight into the career and works of John Lee Joo For, an artist whose tumultuous life has given birth to a wealth of art and literary works. Joo For’s personal history is prominently etched in his works, times of joy clearly discernible from the more turbulent years in the man’s life. For collectors of works by Malaysian old master artists, this retrospective is certainly a resource that should be part of their art literature collection.

Lee Joo For’s retrospective is available for sale at our gallery. Among the other books that we’ve stocked up, and that you can purchase from us, include:

  • 200 Malaysian artists
  • Eight Pioneers of Malaysian Art
  • Treasure of Malaysian and International Art
  • Voices from My Art Spirit (The art of Lee Long Looi)

For collectors of Malaysian art, these books are certainly important resources. The next time you are at the gallery, do ask us about these books. We will soon update our library listing to provide you a convenient reference of what art books are available.


Intricate glass art by Fuan Wong

If you have not come by the gallery in the last few weeks, one exciting development we would like to share with you is the inclusion of a different type of art: glass works. And we are fortunate to have hooked up with the renowned glass artist Fuan Wong.

The intricate glass art styling of Fuan Wong

Unlike many other types of glass-based art, Fuan fuses colors into the glass itself, enabling him to create unique and flawless glass art pieces. At present, the art works on display at our gallery center around flora motifs, including a four-panel set that examines the wild beauty of ornamental banana flowers. More pictures of Fuan’s work can be viewed at Artemis Art’s Facebook page.


New art works at the gallery

Last but not least (for this update)…

We recently got in a number of new pieces procured during our trip to Yogyakarta last April. It was a fruitful (if somewhat tiring) three days of  meeting with new artists, and catching up with those we already know and have met previously. One of the new artists is Aan Gunawan, whose expertise is in the rendering of fluid objects and textures, making a flat piece of canvas literally come to life.

Aan Gunawan - Over Simulate - 2010 - mixed media - 113 x 157 cm

Another artist we met for the first time is Riduan. What this guy is able to do with perspectives is truly amazing.  We currently have two art pieces by Riduan on display at the gallery, and we’re looking at bringing in more in the near future.

Riduan - Misercordia - 2011 - Acrylic on Canvas - 150 x 120 cm

On the local front, we’ve finally gotten around to putting up art works by Shyevin S’ng and Harold “Egn” Eswar, two young artists we recently became acquainted with. Shyevin already has a profile page on this site, and we’re working on putting one up for Egn as well.

Tanah Merah Dijanji Jadi Batu Hitam - 2012 - mixed media on canvas - 122 x 61 cm

Egn recently did a fairly successful solo exhibition at the Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok, in Bangsar, and we feel very fortunate that we were chosen by Egn to house some of the very art pieces that were in that exhibition. His works are very rich in social narrative, and each tells an interesting story. At present we have four of Egn’s art pieces in the gallery.


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