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As we enter the new year, Artemis Art is happy to announce a new facet to what our gallery has to offer – t-shirts with artworks created by the artists we represent. We are working with Threes & Tees to provide a range of t-shirts featuring artworks by artists we represent, or whom have consented for their art to be wearable.

The first featured collection is 5 designs by young artist Yuli, whose solo exhibition Mythologies was held at Artemis Art in November/December 2013. Click on the individual design below to purchase, or go to the Artemis Art T-Shirt Store to view the entire collection.


The Yuli Collection

Each of the designs is printed front and back, and available in either Black or White. Clicking on the color choice takes you to the online store for that design and color choice.

Fu Lu Shou - smallFou Lou Shou: Dragon and Tiger
Color: Black or White
Radical - smallRadical
Color: Black or White
Samurai Ghost Rider - smallSamurai Ghost Rider
Color: Black or White
Shibuyaka - smallShibuyaka
Color: Black or White
The Old and The New Combined - smallThe Old and New Combined
Color: Black or White
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