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Syahbandi Samat’s third solo exhibition

Syahbandi Samat, "Why Preserve The Pain"
Syahbandi Samat seen here with his work "Why Preserve The Pain". The artist is on the left, in case you're wondering.

One of Artemis Art’s primary focus is the promotion of young artists, both from Malaysia and regionally. One of them is Malaysian artist Syahbandi Samat, well-know for his detailed ballpoint pen artworks. Dichotomy is the artist’s third solo exhibition and we had a sneak peek at the exhibition when it was being installed at Galeri Titikmerah in Publika, Kuala Lumpur.

Dichotomy features a mix of recent and older works and delves into the duality of how Syahbandi approaches his art, essentially a dichotomy between the internalization of his life experiences versus the need to share his experience with the world at large. Expecting his first child in a matter of weeks, this exhibition also appears to serve as a bridge between pre-fatherhood, and the new uncharted waters he will be facing in the very near future. 

His dark imagery can sometimes deceive the viewer into thinking that within Syahbandi lies demons that he constantly battles with. But in reality, the surreal scenes that Dichotomy presents is quite the opposite of dark and ominous. Heavy in symbolisms, his art exudes a positivity that can only be discerned if we pay closer attention.

The exhibition will open at 4pm on Saturday, September 8 2018, at Galeri Titikmerah (located along Publika’s Art Row), and continues its run until September 22. For details, check out the exhibition event page on Facebook.

Exhibitions and Art Fairs

With the final quarter of 2018 just on the horizon, one would probably think it’s time for the hectic activities to wind down a little. The reality in the art world is quite the opposite – the remainder of the year will be a period of high activity for Artemis Art, with at least two more exhibitions to stage, and three more art fairs to participate in.

While the gallery will still carry on with our period of general hanging for the month of September, October will see us staging Caryn Koh‘s solo exhibition, and our participation in two art fairs, Art Expo Malaysia 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, and 6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair at the Regency Art Hotel on Taipa Island, Macau SAR. 

Later in November, among other activities we have in the works a group exhibition of two Malaysian and one Indonesian artist at the gallery plus another art fair participation, Shanghai Art Fair 2018, taking place November 8 to 11 at the World Expo and Convention Center, Pudong, Shanghai. In addition, a few of the artists we represent will be involved with events in Sydney, Australia, and another event in Shanghai, all happening in November.

A very exciting remainder of the year ahead from September 2018 on. Stay tuned for details on all these goings on!

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