The Gallery Officially Opens!

The Gallery Officially Opens!

Lions in the gallery

Official Opening of Artemis Art, with loud drums, cymbals and lions

Artemis Art officially opened its doors on November 26, 2011, at Solaris Dutamas (also known as Publika). Our opening was done jointly with our two neighbors, Candor Music Sdn Bhd and Gadis Manis Malaysia. The opening was officiated by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, who was kind enough to set aside some time in her busy schedule to grace the occasion.

We chose Solaris Dutamas as the location to open our gallery because of the unique concept adopted by Publika, the new shopping mall within the complex. Designed with art and culture as the central motif, Publika promises to provide shoppers an ambiance not found in other malls in the Klang Valley, and is home to mapKL, the new what’s where for arts & performance related events.

Ribbon cutting ceremony

The decision to have the opening jointly with our neighbors was for two reasons. Neither of the two had yet to have an official opening, and secondly, all three businesses have one thing in common – the broader concept of culture.

This fits very well with Artemis Art’s mission to enhance appreciation for the arts and culture. Although there is a certain level of appreciation already prevalent in Malaysian society, more can be done to increase awareness and level of appreciation.

Artemis Art would like to express our thanks and gratitude to our two fantastic neighbors, Candor Music and Gadis Manis Malaysia for being so gracious as to agree to do the opening jointly. We would also like to thank Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir for taking time out from her busy schedule to grace the occasion with her presence.

The opening would also have been less auspicious if not for the participation of the Kwong Ngai Lion Dance team, the internationally recognized Lion Dance troupe, and of course, their two cheeky lions.

We would also like to thank Mr. Johnny Ong, political cartoonist for being willing to join our celebration. Johnny was on hand to promote his collection of cartoons, “1 Toon Malaysia”.

Political cartoonist Johnny Ong with his latest compilation “1 Toon Malaysia”

Another unique form of art was featured during our opening – caricature art – and for that, we would like to express our thanks to Art Saad, a fantastic caricature artist, who thrilled our guests with his accurately funny caricatures. And the guy’s fast! Those of you who attended our opening will attest to this.

Last but not least, a big thank you to espressoLAB for being our official coffee provider. These guys make a fantastic cuppa joe, and you should pay them a visit whenever you’re in the neighborhood.

You can view more pictures from the opening on our Facebook page. Do drop by and have a look. For these fantastic shots, a big thank you goes out to Mr. Amir Faisal Al-Bukhari and Ms. Michelle Yoon, our official photographers for the day.

All in all, the opening was a success, not just for Artemis, but also for our neighbors.

Should you ever be in the Solaris Dutamas / Publika area, do drop by our gallery for a look. We look forward to your visit soon.



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