Art Taipei 2016

Art Taipei 2016-01 Art Taipei is Asia’s longest running art fair, and this year marks the fair’s 23rd edition. This year also marks Artemis Art’s debut appearance at this prestigious art fair, continuing our 2016 art fair program.

For our debut showing, Artemis Art presents a solo feature by emerging Malaysian visual artist Ruzzeki Harris. Well-known in Malaysia for his unique Pop Surrealism style, Art Taipei will mark the first time the young artist’s works are shown in Taiwan.

The art fair begins with the VIP Preview and Vernissage on Friday, November 11, 2016. Art Taipei opens to the public on Saturday, November 12 and continues through the weekend, concluding on Monday, November 15.

Our booth, Y4, will be one of the four in the Future 20 section that features solo exhibits by emerging artists below the age of 35, with the Made in Taiwan Young Artist Discovery section in the same general vicinity.

We will be posting updates about our debut participation in Art Taipei on our Facebook page, plus updates to this posting, throughout the duration of the art fair. We look forward to seeing you in Taipei!


Artemis Art is proud to present Possessed, a series of new works by emerging Malaysian artist Ruzzeki Harris.  Through his unique style of Pop Surrealism, Possessed is Ruzzeki’s commentary about what he sees as trends with the young in Malaysia today. Much of what he critiques has to do with the young and their gadgets, developed through observations he has made in recent times.

His dark sense of humor is evident in his depictions, as has been the case in many of his works in recent years. 

The Possessed series of works touches on social and popular culture amongst kids and teenagers nowadays, particularly with regards to their obsession with gadgetry. The gadget itself has become some sort of wizardry device that manipulate one’s mind and behavior, thus turning them into ‘modern world zombies’: unconscious, anti-social, introverted.


In addition to Possessed, we have included two earlier works by the artist.  Further information about Ruzzeki Harris may be found on his profile page.

Profile PhotoRuzzeki Harris is originally from Penang, Malaysia, but now calls Klang Valley (or Greater Kuala Lumpur) home. He is best known for his Pop Surrealist works that are usually pointed critiques about the world around him.

His full profile may be found on his artist profile page.

Artist’s Statement

My artwork takes a critical view of issues surrounding social, political and popular culture. In my work, I deconstruct the dreams of humanity in a satirical way, my artistic process hugely influenced by my experience engaging in many diverse areas, such as street art, social media, fashion, and independent music. My work reproduces familiar visual signs and symbols, rearranging them into new conceptually layered pieces.

These themes are combined into paintings that feature fancy domestic objects, juxtaposed with whimsical objects, and sometimes embellished with stencilled text. My artwork establishes a dream-like, pop-surreal quality, suggests notions of chaos and franticness, and formally unifies the disparate objects in each artworks. The texts provide clues to content and interpretation.

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