Art Solo 2023 feature image comprising a collage of two works, one by Dedy Sufriadi and the other by Taufik Ermas

Art Solo 2023

Artemis Art is pleased to announce our participation in Art Solo 2023, our second appearance at the fair. This year, we will be at booth E06, featuring a dual solo by Dedy Sufriadi and Taufik Ermas.  

Art Solo 2023 takes place 5 – 7 May 2023 at the same venue as last year, the EXPO Dome located in Taipei Expo Park, Taipei, Taiwan. A one-day preview will be held on 4 May, from 12 noon to 9 pm, opening to the general public the following day onwards. 

Dedy Sufriadi makes a return this year with a selection of works from his Hypertext and abstract portraiture series, while for Taufik Ermas, Art Solo 2023 marks the artist’s major Taiwan art fair debut, showcasing primarily recent Contoured Layered works by the artist. 

This feature page will be updated with the complete selection of works, plus booth installation images just prior to the start of the preview. For artwork enquiries, contact Artemis Art at in**@ar***************.com, or via WhatsApp at +60 12-373 2188 (the number may also be used to reach us via WeChat, Line, or Viber). Alternatively, you may use the Facebook Messenger chat function displayed on this screen.

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Artwork Collection Overview

The collection of works by Dedy Sufriadi and Taufik Ermas featured at Art Solo 2023 consists of both major and smaller works by both artists. The minor works by the two artists have been consolidated on the Wall of Fame, occupying the outer wall of booth E06 where we’re exhibiting. Featured below are the major works by both artists, plus the Wall of Fame installation in its entirety.

The complete selection of small works has been included as part of each artist’s profile (click on the respective tabs for each artist).

For enquiries about any of the featured artworks, contact us at in**@ar***************.com

Dedy Sufriadi

(b. 1976 in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia)

full artist profile

Contemporary abstract artist Dedy Sufriadi has a wide repertoire of work and styles, encompassing the use of many different elements and mediums. The many disparate visual styles that can be found across his vast body of work can be tied together by one common trait – his mastery of color and composition. Dedy is perhaps best known for his work related to text, an element of modern life that humans are subject to at virtually every waking moment, whether realized or not.

His participation in this year’s edition of Art Solo marks the artists return after his debut last year, and primarily features his recent text-related works within the artist’s Hypertext grouping of artworks. In these works, text becomes integral design elements (as with colours and lines), and the explicit meanings of text that is depicted no longer becomes of critical importance. In the Hypertext works, text within the compositions become catalysts for the viewer to develop their own ideas and interpretations, all based on their own circumstances and experiences.

Also included in the collection of works are Dedy’s more fun abstract portraitures, the artist’s own interpretation of beauty and character he finds in the many individuals he has encountered.

Complete selection of works by Dedy Sufriadi for Art Solo 2023

Click on thumbnail to view complete image and details


Major Works

Wall of Fame

Taufik Ermas

(b. 1984 in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia)

full artist profile

Visually articulating the dialectics of space, and delving into human psychological scarring and memories are among the ideas central to the body of work by Indonesian artist Taufik Ermas. He survived a near-death tragedy during the major 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake that caused his home to collapse, burying him alive for a short period of time before being rescued. This life-changing experience has become an important touchstone in his artistic career as he continues to deal with the trauma experienced more than a decade and a half ago.

Augmentation of canvas surfaces is a key feature in Taufik’s artworks, achieved either through his layer/contour technique, physical ridges (or its inverse, niches) created on the canvas surface without tearing through or cutting the canvas; or through physical canvas and frame modifications to create negative spaces within his visual narratives.

Through his paintings on these augmented surfaces, Taufik’s works articulate the many philosophical and psychological nuances of human life. His expressions are the result of the artist’s keen observations of life, both in his immediate community and surroundings (including his own experiences), or of global events and phenomena.

Complete selection of works by Taufik Ermas for Art Solo 2023

Click on thumbnail to view complete image and details


Major Works

Wall of Fame

Complete Catalog of Works


Browse the catalog here or download via this link
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Art Solo 2023: Images from the art fair

Included here are selected images taken during the art fair. For a more complete visual coverage of Artemis Art’s participation check out our Instagram account.

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