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Art Shop Project

We’re pleased to present the Art Shop Project, an initiative aimed at providing an additional platform for young and emerging artists to display and sell their works, all priced between USD 100 to USD 500. This initiative was created as a way to assist the artists we work with to sell their works, enabling visibility to a wider audience during these trying COVID 19 times. So far, a number of artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines have agreed to participate. We will update this page as newer artists come on board.

The project went live earlier this month, and a sampling of available artworks by each of the participating artists is shown below, with links provided to view the complete collection by each artist. In addition, you may also browse all the available Art Shop Project artworks.

This project is a section within our Webstore, and purchases may be made directly from this website. Alternatively you may also contact us via email or WhatsApp/Line/Viber/WeChat at +60 12-373 2188. You may also message us via our Facebook page as another option.

Art Shop Project Conditions of Sale

  1. All artworks are priced between USD 100 to USD 500, and are sourced directly from the participating artists.
  2. Prices quoted are for the artworks only, and exclude shipping and any applicable tax/duty at the destination country.
  3. Upon confirmation of payment, purchasers may contact us for delivery arrangements. In most cases, artworks will originate from artist’s country of residence, except for those artworks already with Artemis Art (in which case, country of shipment shall be Malaysia).
  4. Payment may be made directly from this website (via PayPal and/or Credit Card). Contact Artemis Art for alternative methods of payment.
  5. Invoices shall be from Artemis Corporation Sdn Bhd, the legal business entity that owns Artemis Art. 

Art Shop Project Participating Artists

Angelo Magno

Angelo Magno

b. 1979, in the Philippines

Angelo Magno is currently the Assistant Executive Director of the School of Multimedia and Arts, Asia Pacific College in Magallanes, Makati City. He is also the Vice President of the Pinoy Printmakers, a national art organization that is resident at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

He is one of the participating artists in Artemis Art’s group exhibition Conversation with Basquiat.

Dedy Sufriadi

Dedy Sufriadi

b. 1976, in Indonesia

An artist whom Artemis Art has been regularly showing over the past several years, Dedy Sufriadi is one of Indonesia’s leading abstract artists, and whose overall style embodies a deep philosophical understanding of the self and of the world around him. Included in this collection are his more expressive semi-abstract portraitures.

He is one of the participating artists in Artemis Art’s recent group exhibition Conversation with Basquiat.

Suanjaya Kencut

Suanjaya Kencut

b. 1994, in Indonesia

Bali-born artist Suanjaya Kencut (full name: I Putu Adi Suanjaya) produces artworks using imagery resembling colorful floppy cloth dolls, whose fabric renderings are vibrantly realistic in their appearance. This style motif is applied to the various subjects that appear in the works crafted by this young artist. 

He is one of the participating artists in Artemis Art’s recent group exhibition Conversation with Basquiat.

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More Artworks

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