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Art Jakarta 2022

Artemis Art is pleased to be one of the participating galleries in the return of the in-person edition of Art Jakarta. This time around we will be exhibiting at booth C12, featuring works by Chang Chiung-Fang, Dedy Sufriadi, Leik Lim, Oky Antonius, Syahbandi Samat, and Taufik Ermas.

In addition, we will be showcasing an installation work by Dedy Sufriadi as part of Art Jakarta SPOT, “Membangun Literasi Indonesia Baru” (Building a New Indonesian Literacy), a book and concrete installation that reminds us of the need for literacy development as part of the overall national development needed for advancement of a nation. The installation work may be viewed at SPOT 12, located within JCC.

Art Jakarta 2022 takes place from 26 to 28 August 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC) in the Senayan area of the city.

We will be updating this page as the fair dates draw closer, but in the meantime, for artwork enquiries, contact Artemis Art at in**@ar***************.com, or via WhatsApp at +60 12-373 2188 (the number may also be used to reach us via WeChat, Line, or Viber). Alternatively, you may use the Facebook Messenger chat function displayed on this screen.

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Membina Literasi Indonesia Baru

Building a New Indonesian Literacy

Located at SPOT 12 this installation by Dedy Sufriadi is a reminder that a country’s literacy level is an important part of human capital development and needs to advance in tandem with physical development. But this realization is something not only relevant to Indonesia, but a concern the world over.

Installation Details

Dimensions: 260 x 300 x 300 cm
Media: Books, Cement, Metal Frame, Lights
Year: 2022

Membina Literasi Indonesia Baru
Membina Literasi Indonesia Baru (2022) - 260 x 300 x 300 cm - Books, Cement, Metal Frame, Lights

Installation Shots

Click on the thumbnails below to view the full image. These are installation shots of Dedy’s installation at Art Jakarta 2022 SPOT this year.

Curatorial Notes:

Membina Literasi Indonesia Baru (Building a New Indonesian Literacy), is Dedy Sufriadi’s statement about the importance of literacy in Indonesia, which lags behind many nations in the world . On the artist’s part it is a call to action: in tandem with physical development, literacy, an important aspect of human development, requires serious attention. Dedy is of the opinion that a country’s progress should not merely be measured by physical and infrastructural development alone, but equally important is the development of literacy, a critical part within the broader scope of human capital development.

The installation is based on his earlier 2019 massive installation, I Curse Your Thoughts and Texts into Stone, exhibited at Jogja Gallery as part of the Sepuluh Perantau group exhibition. Apart from the need to develop human capital through increased literacy, Dedy also touches on the changing way in which information is transmitted, a shift in the mode of literary consumption, from analog to digital.

That said, Dedy is well aware that literacy and the effects of the analog/digital shift are by no means uniquely Indonesian. In that sense, he addresses a global manifestation, albeit expressed in a manner that can be more readily appreciated locally.

The shift in literacy is not limited to the digitization and digital distribution of analog books, instead covers any text materials transmitted through digital media, including messaging, news and social media. In general, compared to when paper-based reading materials were the norm, Dedy observes a shift in how information is consumed and absorbed. In particular when it comes to news, the actual comprehension and absorbtion becomes superficial, the more sensational the news the more attention it gets, but typically in a more superficial way, with readers/consumers not bothering to find out more; rather, the focus of their attention immediately shifts when something newer or more sensational comes along.

But such is the nature of information in the era of hyper-digitalization: no longer is information rigorously fact- checked, formatted for print, and produced using analog means. Rather, content creation and distribution is almost instantaneous, the priority no longer being what is accurate and truthful, but how fast the “information” can be transmitted. The essence has become speed, with all else becoming secondary.

What Dedy hopes for is not only an increase in literacy, but a literacy that is based on intelligent consumption and greater discernment of what is fact, and what in fact is fiction. In the world of digital literacy, however, this hope might be something more difficult to realize than meets the eye.

Membina Literasi Indonesia Baru is constructed from actual books, compiled, arranged, then affixed using cement, creating a circular wall of books. The titles included represent books that Dedy has personally read, a clear indication of how well-read an artist he is. It is also a statement that physical books today, although still purchased in great numbers, often become “monuments” in the home, remaining unread in cabinets and shelving.

And this, too, is not something that only happens in Indonesia, but a phenomenon witnessed the world over.

Chang Chiung-Fang

b. 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan

Combining strong expressive tendencies and bold strokes in her works, Taipei-born Chang Chiung Fang’s embodies free-spirited expressions of life as it is experienced and observed. Much of what she expresses are autobiographical, basing her art on her own experiences, through the lenses of continuous self-discovery and understanding, enabling her to better express ideas and stories she wishes to convey.

For Art Jakarta, we have also included the artist’s sculptures as part of our presentation, an added dimension to the paintings that we have previously exhibited by the artist. 
(artist profile available upon request)

Dedy Sufriadi

b. 1976 in Palembang, Indonesia

Contemporary abstract artist Dedy Sufriadi has a wide repertoire of work and styles, encompassing the use of many different elements. The many disparate visual styles that can be found across his vast body of work can be tied together by one common trait – his mastery of color and composition. Dedy is perhaps best known for his work related to text, an element of modern life that humans are subject to at virtually every waking moment, whether realized or not.

2022 has thus far been an important year for Dedy. Earlier this year, he was featured as part of Artemis Art’s participation in Art Solo 2022, which took place at the EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park, in Taipei, Taiwan, from 15 to 17 April. This marks Dedy’s major art fair debut in Taiwan. In addition, Dedy made his exhibition debut in Europe when the European Cultural Centre Italy (ECC Italy) launched their Venice Biennale satellite event, Personal Structures: Reflection, in parallel with the main Biennale, from 23 April to 27 November 2022.  
(click here for full artit profile)

Leik Lim

b. 1991 in Ipoh, Malaysia

Important cartoon characters reminisced from her childhood form symbolic ties between childlike attributes of love, purity, and liberty, with the realities of adult life. Strongly influenced by contemporary surrealist pop art, and produced in vivid colors, Leik Lim likens her creations to “soft confrontations” between attributes and sensibilities of her childhood that persist, with the complexities and intrigue of the adult world.

Leik Lim is the artist name for Ipoh-based Lim Lei Kwan, Art Jakarta 2022 being her major art fair debut in the Southeast Asia region, the second art fair in which Artemis Art has featured her after Art For All in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year.  
(click here for full artist profile)

Oky Antonius

b. 1994 in Indonesia

Oky Antonius is a young artist who has been very active in the Yogyakarta visual art scene, participating in numerous group exhibitions while still being a student at the prestigious Indonesian Institute of the Arts, pursuing his baccalaureate in Fine Art. His color palette is mature, the textured expressionist figurations depicting events drawn from his own memories. The skilled tapestry-like rendering on canvas never fails to elicit a closer look from viewers. One could certainly call his works a visual interpretation of the phrase “fabric of life”.
(artist profile available upon request)

Syahbandi Samat

b. 1992 in Malaysia

His use of the ordinary ballpoint pen has made self-taught Malaysian artist Syahbandi Samat one of the more unique Malaysian artists currently practicing, and whose works are almost always instantly recognizable.

Syahbandi’s works currently delve deeper into his own psyche, projecting his inner thoughts, experiences, and aspirations. Successfully breaking away from the need to “please” with his artistic creations, Syahbandi addresses issues that are important to him, such as corruption, the environment, and of course, introspective works dealing with his own life experiences.

Art Jakarta sees a continuation of Syahbandi’s sculptural interpretations of images he had previously included in his ballpoint artworks, a development that we will be seeing more in times to come.
(click here for full artist profile)

Taufik Ermas

b. 1984 in Indonesia

The dialectics of space and delving into what lies behind human psychological scarring are among the ideas central to the current body of work by Indonesian artist Taufik Ermas. He survived a near-tragedy during the major 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake that caused his home to collapse, burying him alive for a short period before being rescued.

Canvas augmentation is a central feature to his current body of work, either through physical canvas frame modifications to create negative space within his visual narratives, or through his layer/contour technique, where Taufik creates physical ridges (or its inverse, niches) on the canvas surface without tearing through or cutting the canvas.
(click here for full artist profile)

The eCatalog for Artemis Art’s participation in Art Jakarta 2022 may be viewed here or downloaded as a PDF. For additional information, contact us via the various channels shown on the front tab of this posting.


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