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Art Fair Philippines 2024

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of Artemis Art’s annual programming is Art Fair Philippines, and we’re thrilled to be back for this year’s edition. Our participation in Art Fair Philippines 2024 will feature Humans Of The World, a collection of artworks by Dedy Sufriadi, Oky Rey Montha, Syahbandi Samat, and Taufik Ermas.

Artemis Art will be exhibiting at Booth 11 on Level 5 of The Link, Ayala Center, Makati (link opens in Google Maps) where Art Fair Philippines 2024 takes place from 16 to 18 February. Preceding this will be the invitation-only VIP Preview and Vernissage on Thursday, 15 February 2024. 

Each with their unique approach and style, Humans Of The World provides us with a glimpse into what defines our humanity, as seen through the eyes, ears, and souls of the four participating artists. The physical and spiritual sides of what makes us ‘human’ are both explored in these works, collectively providing us with a brief look at the many facets that make up the entirety of the human experience.

The complete collection of works is available for viewing below. Plus, an eCatalog can be found in the Publication tab, available for online viewing and download.

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Artwork Preview

The complete collection of artworks will be released on 15 February 2024 just prior to the start of the VIP Preview. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of what we will be exhibiting:

Artemis Art is pleased to once again participate in Art Fair Philippines, an important component of our annual programming. This year marks our fifth participation in the art fair, where we will be presenting Humans Of The World, a collection of works by four artists from Indonesia and Malaysia, namely Dedy Sufriadi, Oky Rey Montha, Syahbandi Samat, and Taufik Ermas.

Humans Of The World was inspired in part by what was witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic years. We saw the best in humanity being charitable, but at the same time, we also saw a lot of greed and selfishness. It was all at once, as Dickens described, “the best of times”, and “the worst of times”. Interestingly it also led to an interesting question: what makes us human?

Each with their unique approach and style, the four artists provide us with a glimpse into what defines our humanity, seen through their eyes, ears, and souls. The physical and spiritual sides of what makes us ‘human’ are both explored in these works, collectively providing us with a brief look at the many facets that make up the entirety of the human experience.

While the artworks selected for Artemis Art’s presentation this year may not provide all the answers to the question of what makes us human, it is our hope they will provide an interesting entry point for further consideration and contemplation.

Dedy Sufriadi

(b. 1976 in Indonesia)

full artist profile

Contemporary abstract artist Dedy Sufriadi has a wide repertoire of work and styles, encompassing the use of many different elements and mediums. The many disparate visual styles that can be found across his vast body of work can be tied together by one common trait – his mastery of colour and composition.

Dedy is perhaps best known for his work related to text, an element of modern life that humans are subject to at virtually every waking moment, whether realized or not. Childlike naïve figurations, doodles and scribbles, too, are often found in his works, born out of his intuition.

In addition to the use of text, Dedy’s works are also richly textured and multi-layered, providing an additional dimension to the rich visual language of his artworks. A more complete repertoire of Dedy’s works may be viewed on his artist profile page, including his text-related Hypertext series, one that he is perhaps best known for. 

Oky Rey Montha

(b. 1986 in Indonesia)

full artist profile

Born into an artistic family, Oky Rey Montha remembers growing up in an environment where just about every facet of life revolved around art and creativity. Comics became an important part of his growing-up years, an early impetus that guided him on the path towards visual art.

Montha’s imaginatively evocative visual style combines pop art with gothic elements, set against surreal backdrops. This becomes the conduit through which the artist tells his stories, multifaceted dreamlike excursions into his experiences, interactions, and observations about the world around him.

Numerous influences have contributed towards his artistic style over the years. These include music, pop culture, and even spirituality, melding seamlessly towards the unique visuality of his artworks, additionally informed by his deep interest in humanism and psychology.

Our participation in Art Fair Philippines 2024 marks the first time the artist is exhibiting with Artemis Art, and we certainly hope to have more opportunities to collaborate with him in the future.

Syahbandi Samat

(b. 1992 in Malaysia)

full artist profile

His use of the ordinary ballpoint pen has made self-taught Malaysian artist Syahbandi Samat one of the more unique Malaysian artists currently practicing, and whose works are almost always instantly recognizable.

After becoming a father a few years ago, Syahbandi’s works delved deeper into his own psyche, projecting his inner thoughts, experiences, and aspirations. Successfully breaking away from the need to “please” with his artistic creations, Syahbandi addresses issues that are important to him, such as corruption, the environment, and of course, introspective works dealing with his own life experiences.

Presented this year is Syahbandi’s sculptural interpretation of objects he has previously included in his ballpoint artworks, an additional facet of the artist’s talent that we began to showcase this year.

Taufik Ermas

(b. 1984 in Indonesia)

full artist profile

The dialectics of space and delving into human psychological scarring and memories are among the ideas central to the current body of work by Indonesian artist Taufik Ermas. He survived a near-death tragedy during the major 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake when the house he was in collapsed, burying him alive for a short period of time before being rescued. This event became an important touch point that would inform the trajectory of his artistic practice.

Canvas augmentation is a key feature in his artworks, either through his layer/contour technique, physical ridges (or its inverse, niches) created on the canvas surface without tearing through or cutting the canvas, or through physical canvas frame modifications to create negative space within his visual narratives.

Complete Catalog of Works

Browse the catalog here or download via this link
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