Art Expo Malaysia 2018

Continuing our art fair program for the year is our participation in Art Expo Malaysia 2018, which takes place from October 11 to 14 2018 at MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC) in Kuala Lumpur.

Artemis Art’s presentation for the art fair, entitled Sanubari, and will feature artworks by Ajim Juxta, Ruzzeki Harris, Syahbandi Samat, and Tomi Heri. Put together by independent curator Sharmin P.Sanubari is a collective expression of four young and emerging Malaysian artists, as they navigate the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable contemporary national landscape. 

For a closer look at each artist and what they will present, click on the Artists & Artworks tab above.

About Art Expo Malaysia

This year, Art Expo Malaysia celebrates its 12th edition, making it Southeast Asia’s longest running international art fair. As with previous editions, the art fair takes place at the MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Center (MECC), on Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (formerly known as Jalan Khidmat Usaha), in Kuala Lumpur (refer to location map on the right).

This year’s edition of Art Expo Malaysia will see some 65 galleries from 22 countries participating, with a special exhibition section among the highlights of the art fair, with a series of curatorial exhibits by four Malaysian and five Southeast Asian galleries of international prominence.

The art far begins on Thursday, 11 October with a Private Preview afternoon beginning at 1 pm (by invitation only), continuing into the evening with the VIP Night and Vernissage from 6 to 9 pm. Art Expo Malaysia 2018 opens to the public on Friday, 12 October, continuing throughout the weekend until Sunday, 14 October 2018. This year, the art fair will also host a day-long series of art talks from 11 am to 7 pm on Saturday, October 13. 

For more information about the art fair, including opening times and ticketing, visit Art Expo Malaysia’s website.

Artemis Art brings together Ajim, Bandi, Ruzzeki and Tomi to the 12th edition of Art Expo Malaysia.

Each artist, an independent thinker; informed and influenced by contemporary Malaysia in all it’s dynamism and unpredictability. An environment befitting artists who recognise and embrace the questions and changes in which we live through.

Sanubari presents artworks that represent each artist’s confidence to observe; developing their own unique viewpoints and artistic lens, emotionally balanced or biased.

curatorial statement by Sharmin P.

a short linguistic note

Sanubari is a Bahasa Malaysia word of Sanskrit origin, of which the meaning in English (from the various possible meanings) selected in the context of this exhibition is inner self


IMG_8975 Profile Photo (small)

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Previous art fairs & exhibitions (selected)

Moniker International Art Fair 2018
Art Taichung 2018
arkologi: gelap (solo)
Homecoming (2018)
Young Art Taipei 2017
We Are 5 (2017)
Presence (2016)
Ningbo International City Arts Festival 2016
Citizen Art Shanghai (AArt) 2016
Young Art Taipei 2016
Bazaar Art Jakarta 2016
Amplify (2016)

Ajim, a multi-talented visual artist who found his calling in the arts despite receiving his academic training in architecture. His repertoire of works spans several mediums, including pen and ink, found-objects, sculptures, and paintings on canvas. As an artist, embraces opportunities to continuously learn and progress his artistic-self; exploring and experimenting with new mediums, collaborating with other artists, as well as a constant curious questioning of his environmental and humanistic observations.

The propositions presented through the artist’s work are not only philosophical, they force us to think about the basic proposals for our living space and imagining the future. Without the viewers realizing it, the visuals take us into the spectacle and universe the artist has constructed.
Nobuo Takamori, Curator of Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei

Artwork Preview

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Ruzzeki Harris

Profile Photo

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Previous art fairs & exhibitions (selected)

Homecoming (2018)
We Are 5 (2016)
Art Taipei 2016
Vice Versa (2016)

Ruzzeki is contemplative artist, with a dash of playful. Absorbing Malaysia and the world around him, adapting (in agreement or disagreement) to movements and changes through his role as an individual and within a family unit.

He lenses a dark sense of humor to his observations; questioning contemporary behaviours and trends, situating his works contextually in the timeliness of now. Creative in his visual narratives, Ruzzeki’s works are steeped in pop surrealism, inspired by splashes of Salvador Dali and René Margritte; whilst maintaining a firm hold on his convictions for which we are then invited to face our uglies.

Artwork Preview

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Syahbandi Samat


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Syahbandi (Bandi), in committing ball point pen to canvas, enters a space of concentration and perhaps self distraction. A stubborn patience to fill large canvases with the humble ball-point pen, leading to deeply personal images emerging through his artworks. From his humble background of drawing artworks out of a car wash, Bandi’s art works are grounded in the raw realities of our everyday insecurities, doubts and self-questioning.

My artworks are for me, an access to a my personal. I see, interact and feel daily, how does one process this? For me, I draw out the emotions and situations I find myself in. And no, the drawings do not necessarily find me directions, or solve my problems‘.

Artwork Preview

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Tomi Heri

Website Profile IMG_1122_1_1

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Previous art fairs & exhibitions (selected)

This is Artemis Art’s first collaboration with the artist

Tomi builds kaleidoscopic stories in his mind, informed through everyday observations of us. He observes, picking up situational moments in which people interact and relate to each other, capturing and catapulting our mundanity onto staged environments.

Trained as a graphic designer, Tomi’s artworks are meticulously thought out. Distilling his narrations into multi-layered works, pedantically exploring and using new materials, and insisting on personal written text to explain his world(s).

Yet, a traveller inspired by the fluidity and camaraderie of the Yogyakarta art communities, and a street artist expressing freely through his graffiti art. An unpredictable and exciting juxtaposition .

Artwork Preview

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Printed Publication

For our participation in this year’s Art Expo Malaysia, we published a brief catalog focusing on the participating artists and a sampling of works exhibited. The complete collection of works may be viewed in the eCatalog.



Complementing the printed publication for Sanubari, we also produced an eCatalog that contains the complete collection of artworks exhibited.


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