Artemis Art at Art Central Hong Kong 2017

In just over a week’s time, Artemis Art will be at Art Central in Hong Kong, arguably among the most important in Asia’s busy annual art fair calendar. Art Central takes place from March 21 to 25, 2017, with the VIP Preview and Vernissage on March 20, at the Central Harbourfront area on Hong Kong Island.

Our debut participation will present artworks by three visual artists, Dedy Sufriadi, Indra Dodi, and Lu Fang, each with a style that is quite distinctive.

While the visual styles of these three artists may be disparate on the surface, the common thread that runs across the works of all three is the invitation to re-examine our daily lives, in our own respective environments, which we so easily take for granted. We often lose sight of the fact that the life we live contains subtle wonderments that easily evade our attention.

Borrowing the philosophical observation of Greek philosopher Socrates, that “a life unexamined is a life not worth living”, we invite the audience, through the collection of works by these 3 artists, to re-examine our own lives in order to uncover how special each and everyone’s existence really is.

Dedy Sufriadi

Dedy Sufriadi is an artist whose works are quietly gaining notice, through his active exhibition schedule, in addition to being featured in the many of art fairs that Artemis Art has participated in thus far. A distinguishing feature found in his works is the use of text, or elements related to text. One particular series of works that has captured the attention of art enthusiasts is the Burning Series, mixed media artworks that use, among other things, fragments of charred newspaper as a key component in the works.

For our participation in Art Central this year, we will be featuring works from the Burning Series, as well as pieces from Dedy’s other ongoing artwork series. 

Artwork Preview

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Indra Dodi

Profile Pix 03 Indra Dodi

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Previous art fair participations

Bazaar Art Jakarta 2016
Citizen Art Shanghai (AArt) 2016
6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair
Singapore Contemporary 2017

If there is an artist who seems to easily find inspiration from personal experiences and anecdotes he’s come across, it’s Indra Dodi. Even what may seem to be the most inconsequential of everyday occurrences has the potential to trigger ideas that could eventually find their way onto his paintings. Indra utilizes naïve figurations in his compositions, a conduit to actualize the story-teller side of his personality. 

Among the works included in the collection for Art Central is “La Grande Fete“, an extension of his ‘Dinner’ series of paintings, based on Indra’s observation that social interactions between human beings very often end up at the dinner table. 

Artwork Preview

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Lu Fang (盧昉)


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Previous art fair participations

This marks the first time Artemis Art has collaborated with Lu Fang and featured his works 

At a glance, the superbly executed paintings by Taiwanese artist Lu Fang may appear to merely be parodies of European Renaissance masterpieces. More than that, however, they are in fact visual juxtapositions of past and present; of East and West; of time and of locality.

Trained in the restoration of classical European Renaissance artworks, not only has Lu Fang recreated these works incorporating contemporary elements, but he has done so through the utilization of as close to the original techniques and materials as is feasible.

Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Lu Fang spent much of the early part of his life abroad, only returning to Taiwan at the age of 11. He left once again after completing his baccalaureate to go to Spain, where he completed his Masters in Fine Art at the University of Salamanca. In an earlier series, created not long after his return, we see a caricature the artist has created of himself, named Mr. Big Nose, acting as a constant intruder, a visual expression of the displacement the artist felt growing up, through his early adulthood.

Our participation in Art Central will be our first collaboration with Lu Fang, who has recently had his fourth solo exhibition in Taiwan.

Artwork Preview

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