Art Central Hong Kong 2021: HERE/THERE

Art Central Hong Kong 2021, which runs in parallel with Art Basel Hong Kong (May 21 – 23), returns after a year’s absence due to the COVID19 pandemic. Art Central takes place from May 20 – 23, with a VIP preview on May 19, 2021. Unlike previous editions, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is this year’s venue for both fairs. This year’s edition marks Artemis Art’s second appearance in the art fair, the first time being back in 2017. Selected to be part of our participation are three Yogyakarta-based artists: Dedy Sufriadi, Jumaldi Alfi, and Taufik Ermas

HERE/THERE is a new section introduced in this year’s edition, under the direction of André Chan, Curatorial Director for Art Central HK 2021. Artemis Art will be physically exhibiting three works in HERE/THERE, one from each participating artist. This section reflects the hybrid nature of this year’s Art Central and will be featuring artworks from emerging and established artists worldwide. As many of the international galleries (Artemis Art included) will not be able to exhibit physically in Hong Kong this year, HERE/THERE has been set up to allow these selected galleries to be a part of the fair.

For enthusiasts who are not able to attend Art Central Hong Kong 2021, the art fair has set up the Art Central Capsule, an online portal allowing remote viewing of the artworks exhibited (available from May 17 to May 28 2021).

In addition to the physically exhibited works (see below), we have compiled the complete collection of works that had been earmarked for Artemis Art’s participation this year. These may be found in the respective artist’s section of this article, where you will also find narrative details for each of the physically exhibited works.

For artwork enquiries, contact Artemis Art at in**@ar***************.com, or via WhatsApp at +60 12-373 2188 (the number may also be used to reach us via WeChat, Line, or Viber). Alternatively, you may use the Facebook Messenger chat function displayed on this screen.

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Works Physically Exhibited at HERE/THERE

The three participating artists each has one artwork that is physically displayed at the HERE/THERE section of this year’s Art Central Hong Kong. Detailed narratives for the works may be found in the respective artist’s section of this posting, presented in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Chinese. In addition, each of the artist’s sections contains the balance of works that are available. For a larger view of the artwork, click on the thumbnail images below.

Dedy Sufriadi - Tabula Rasa: Under the Line #2 (2020)
Jumaldi Alfi - Nightwalker (Monument) (2020)
Taufik Ermas - Partial Perceptual: Mimic No. 2 (2021)
Dedy Sufriadi - Tabula Rasa: Under the Line #2 (2020)

Dedy Sufriadi – Tabula Rasa: Under the Line #2 

Acrylic, Marker and Oil Stick on Canvas
150 x 150 cm

The Tabula Rasa series of abstract works seeks to find a balance between logical intelligence and intuition, where I approach the blank canvas with a “blank” mind, much like the blank/clean slate the series is named after. Each work is very much influenced by the moment at which it is created, by the events happening as well as my state of mind at the given time.

Without any preconceived idea, notion or plan, I approach the canvas. From then on, I allow my intuition free reign, applying to the canvas what to me feels right, using whatever materials I have at my disposal at that moment. These works are realized through many repeated cycles of application, scraping off, painting over… until such a time my intuition and senses tell me, “Enough”.

Under the Line #2, very much a part of this series, began from “emptiness”, without any theme or idea in mind during the process of creating it. The work was produced out of spontaneity, driven by intuitive feel. The process of creation relying completely on my intuition not logic. Whatever is put on the canvas is through instinct. Color, texture shapes, pure lines, everything is based on my intuitive capacity. Once completed, contemplative reconstruction of all the processes involved yielded the title for the work.

Seri lukisan abstrak Tabula Rasa adalah usaha saya mencari kesetimbangan antara tuntutan kecerdasan logika dan intuisi, di mana kanvas kosong dihadapi nyaris dengan kepala kosong, sepertimana maksud ungkapan yang menjadi judul untuk seri ini. Tiap karya akan dipengaruhi saat ianya dikerjakan, oleh peristiwa dan keadaan pikiran saya pada momen tersebut.

Kanvas kosong saya hadapi tanpa ide, gagasan, atau rencana yang terbentuk sebelumnya. Dari saat itu, saya membiarkan intuisi saya bebas berkuasa, menerapkan pada kanvas apa yang menurut saya benar, menggunakan materi apa pun yang saya miliki saat itu. Karya-karya ini diwujudkan melalui banyak siklus aplikasi catan yang berulang, dikikis, dilukis ulang… sampai saat intuisi dan indra saya mengatakan kepada saya, “Cukup”.

Under the Line #2 ini termasuk dalam seri Tabula Rasa. Semuanya berawal dari “kekosongan”. Dalam proses melukisanya tidak membawa tema atau ide apapun. Semuanya terjadi begitu saja, mengikuti rasa. Proses melukisnya lebih mengandalkan intuisi bukan logika. Apapun yang di gores di dalam kanvas mengikuti “instinct”. Warna, bentuk tekstur, garis murni, semuanya di buat berdasarkan kemampuan intuisi. Judul yang di buat adalah hasil rekonstruksi dari semua proses tersebut.

Tabula Rasa系列裡的抽像作品試圖在邏輯思維與直覺感官之間尋找平衡點,在這過程中我以“空白”的心態對待空白的畫布,就像該系列以空白/乾淨的板岩命名。每件作品都受其創作的時刻,當時所發生的事件以及心態所影響。


Under the Line #2,本系列大部分的內容都是從“空虛”開始的,在創作它的過程中沒有任何主題或想法。作品是出於自發性,由直觀感覺驅動。創作的過程完全取決於我的直覺,而不是邏輯。在畫布上的任何東西都是出於本能。顏色,紋理形狀,純粹的線條,一切都基於我的直覺能力。作品完成後,便對所涉及的所有過程進行了沉思重構,總而產生了這項作品的標題。

Balance of Works

In addition to the physically exhibited artwork, we have included Dedy Sufriadi’s complete balance of works selected for the art fair. Contact us should you wish to inquire about any of the artworks shown on this page.

Jumaldi Alfi - Nightwalker (Monument) (2020)

Jumaldi Alfi – Nightwalker (Monument)

Acrylic on Linen
90 x 60 cm

This painting represents a fragment of recollection from the peak period of my anxiety over the meaning of spirituality.

Nightwalker is about someone who spends his nights pondering and reflecting upon existential questions arising from his spiritual journey.

Spirituality is not limited to religion alone. An individual could embrace or choose a particular religion and its rituals to elevate oneself spiritually; however, the reality is that many followers of a religion only manage to attain a level of performative piety while neglecting social piety, or their natural disposition to be humane human beings.

Lukisan ini adalah kepingan catatan dari periode puncak kegelisahan saya terhadap makna spiritualism.

Nightwalker adalah narasi seseorang yang menghabiskan malam-malamnya merenungi dan bertanya akan eksistensi diri dalam perjalanan spiritualisme.

Spiritualisme itu bukan hanya perkara reliji. Seseorang bisa memakai atau memilih sebuah agama dan ritualnya untuk meningkatkan diri ke tahap spiritual namun dalam kenyataan banyak juga para penganut agama hanya sampai pada tingkatan kesalehan normatif semata, tapi melupakan kesalehan sosial atau fitrahnya sebagai manusia yang berkemanusian.




Balance of Works

In addition to the physically exhibited artwork, we have included Jumaldi Alfi’s complete balance of works selected for the art fair. Contact us should you wish to inquire about any of the artworks shown on this page.

Taufik Ermas - Partial Perceptual: Mimic No. 2 (2021)

Taufik Ermas – Partial Perceptual: Mimic No. 2 

Acrylic on Contoured Layered Canvas
100 x 100 cm

(Rear of Canvas)

In this artwork entitled “Partial Perceptual: Mimic No.2” I depict an abandoned space rendered using acrylic paint in a realistic manner, featuring dull walls filled with graffiti, and painted on a piece of modified canvas measuring 100 x 100 cm. The artwork was created in 2021.

The artwork is inspired by the perspective and orientation paradox of the numbers ‘6’ and ‘9’, projected within the visual context of “Fear-Obligation-Guilt”. Both numbers are essentially the same physical shape, and what the shape represents depends on its orientation, where the full circle portion rests, either up or down.

This idea is presented through the appearance of a man who appears to be transparent, in a pose suggesting that he is protecting himself from something or someone. The outlined figure is created using a special technique, resembling strokes but which have a physical tactile feel, and which protrude almost 1 cm from the canvas surface. The protrusions on the front side of the canvas therefore produce concave traces on the rear side of the canvas, together providing opposite and differing “views” of the same physicality.

Karya ini berjudul “Partial Perceptual: Mimic No.2”

Dengan gaya realistik, saya melukiskan latar/suasana “abandon space” yang temboknya terlihat kusam penuh coretan, menggunakan material cat akrilik pada selembar kanvas yang telah saya modifikasi. Direntangkan, pada spanram berukuran 100x100cm, dibuat tahun 2021.

Karya ini terinspirasi dari paradoks perspektif angka 6 dan 9 yang saya proyeksikan dalam konteks “Fear-obligation-guilty”.

Gagasan ini saya representasikan melalui wujud seorang pria yang terlihat seakan transparan. Berpose seperti sedang bereaksi melindungi dirinya, terhadap sesuatu yang datang mengancam.

Potret pria ini dibuat menggunakan teknik khusus. Hadir menyerupai guratan-guratan yang memiliki nilai raba faktual seperti relief, menonjol 1 cm lebih tinggi dari permukaan kanvas. Jika kontur figur tersebut menonjol, maka sisi bagian belakang kanvasnya adalah cekungan yang merupakan kebalikan dari sisi bagian depan karya ini.

在這幅名為“Partial Perceptual: Mimic No.2”的作品中,我使用丙烯颜料在一塊尺寸為100 x 100厘米的改良畫布上,以寫實的風格繪製了一個廢棄空間,而空間裡暗沉的牆壁上充滿了塗鴉。此作品繪製於2021年。

此作品受到數字“ 6”和“ 9”的角度和方向悖論的啟發,投影於“恐懼-義務-內疚”的視覺環境中。這兩個數字本質上是相同的形狀,而此形狀所表達 的取決於其圓形部分是往上或往下的方向。


Balance of Works

In addition to the physically exhibited artwork, we have included Taufik Ermas’ complete balance of works selected for the art fair. Contact us should you wish to inquire about any of the artworks shown on this page.

Complete Catalog of Works


Browse the catalog here or download via this link
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Online Viewing Room

For a limited time, until June 9 2021, ten works from the complete collection have been selected to be exhibited in Artemis Art’s online viewing room (powered by onlineviewingroom.com)

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