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Artemis Art is proud to announce that we will be one of the supporting partners for the upcoming CAFFA – Coffee and Art Fringe Festival Asia – the country’s largest coffee and art festival, scheduled to take over the entire Publika September 11 to 13, 2015.

Specifically, our involvement with the festival will be as CAFFA’s supporting partner for their Art Project, a new addition to the festival, which this year marks its third edition.

Among the highlights will be an appearance by Dedy Sufriadi, to whom we will be presenting the Young Art Award he won at this years Young Art Taipei, and a live finger-painting demo by Justin Y, a Malaysian artist who now resides in Hong Kong. Both artists were part of our participation at YAT 2015 in Taipei earlier this year.

The award presentation and finger-painting demo will take place at White Box, MAP@Publika, on Saturday, September 12.

But that’s not all – click on the Event Highlights and Event Listing tabs above for a complete listing of what Artemis Art will be involved with at CAFFA 2015.

Event Highlights

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We’ve been busy working with the CAFFA organizing group to put together several events and mini-exhibitions, in our capacity as Supporting Partner for the festival’s Art Project, the first time such focus has been given by the festival to visual art.

A full listing of events may be viewed by clicking on the Event Listing tab above, but among the highlights for this year include:

Dedy Sufriadi 

The name Dedy Sufriadi is one that should be quite familiar to many Malaysian art enthusiasts by now. The emerging artist who resides in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, will be making an appearance at CAFFA this year.

We have taken the opportunity to finally be able to present him personally with the Young Art Award the artist won at this year’s Young Art Taipei.

The award presentation is scheduled for 11:00 am on Saturday, September 12, at White Box, MAP@Publika. Following this, Dedy will hold an informal art forum where he will be discussing his journey as a visual artist, as well as provide us with a broad overview of the Indonesian contemporary art scene.

Justin Y

A self-taught artist, Hong Kong based Justin Y is a finger-painter who naturally gravitates to all that’s beautiful, bright and cheery.

The emotions and ideas culled from all that he has experienced are channeled through his fingers to create vibrant works of art, the mix of colors and textures are an honest reflection of his experiences internalized.

We will not only get to view some of Justin’s work that will be on exhibit during CAFFA, but also experience first-hand a live demonstration of his finger-painting technique, commencing at 10:00 am on  Saturday, September 12, also at White Box, MAP@Publika.

Hari Ini Dalam (my) Sejarah

It so happens that this year, CAFFA begins on September 11. It also happens that whenever the date September 11 is mentioned, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the 9/11 tragedy that occurred back in 2001. But that, truth be told, is not part of our own history.

Despite what certain interested parties may want you to believe, Malaysia stands proud as a modern-day melting pot of people, cultures, and religions, harmoniously coexisting in a country that can be best described as colorful.

HIDMS - small my

Hari Ini Dalam (my) Sejarah gives us a brief glimpse of the many hues and shades of this wonderful nation called Malaysia has to offer, presented through the works of eleven young and emerging Malaysian photographers.

The exhibition will run the duration of CAFFA, from 11 to 13 September at Black Box, MAP@Publika, and is co-curated by journalist/photographer Jahabar Sadiq and S. Jamal Al-Idrus from Artemis Art.


Another group exhibition that will be on throughout the duration of CAFFA is Vivid, an exposition of artworks by artists with learning difficulties. The exhibition will be held in White Box, MAP@Publika, from 11 to 13 September.

Conditions such as Asperger’s, ADHD, or Autism, render those afflicted different in the eyes of a society that knows very little about these realities.  The individuals who live with these conditions often find it hard to function or communicate in a way that is seen as conventional or ordinary.

Vivid, in essence, is a celebration of their talent and skills, sharpened through creative practices and the artists’ sense of resilience.

Kanta Box Kamra


Perhaps one of the more interesting projects we have come across in a while, photographer Jeffrey Lim presents the Kanta Box Kamra project, surrounding a self-contained instant camera made from found waste material. It is a social art project that explores the challenges of constructing and building the device, and making unique portraits. Its ultimate purpose is to function as a mobile photo booth, remotely producing silver prints in the field.

Jeffrey will have a Kanta Box Kamra Photobooth set up at White Box, MAP@Publika from 3:30 to 5:30pm on Saturday 12 September. He will also deliver a talk about the Kanta Box Kamra project, at 6:00pm the same day at Black Box, MAP@Publika, as part of the overall CLICKS@BLACKBOX program.

Several events have been planned as part of Artemis Art’s participation as one of the Supporting Partners for CAFFA 2015.

Events Throughout CAFFA 2015

  • Hari Ini Dalam (my) Sejarah (venue: Black Box) – a group photography exhibition by eleven photographers, providing a glimpse of everyday Malaysia, capturing the hues, moods and colors that makes our nation unique. Co-curated by Artemis Art and journalist/photographer Jahabar Sadiq, this exhibition is the anchor for the CLICKS@BLACKBOX segment of CAFFA.
  • Vivid (venue: White Box) – a group exhibition by visual artists with various Learning Difficulties. The exhibition is essentially a celebration of their talent and skills, sharpened through creative practices and the artists’ sense of resilience.
  • Art Exhibition (venue: White Box) featuring the works of Dedy Sufriadi, Justin Y, Haris Rashid, and a number of other young and emerging artists.


Saturday, 12 September

10:00 amLive Finger Painting Demonstration by Justin Y
This hour-long demonstration allows the audience to experience first-hand the creative process that Justin applies to the making of his artwork, emotionally charged compositions, channeling experiential internalized emotions through the use of nothing but his fingers
White Box
11:00 amPresentation of the Young Art Award to Dedy Sufriadi
Artemis Art will present the Young Art Award won by emerging Indonesian artist Dedy Sufriadi at the 2015 edition of Young Art Taipei held earlier this year. Following the presentation will be an Art Talk, where Dedy will share with the audience his life journey as a visual artist, as well as provide a broad overview of the Indonesian contemporary art scene
White Box
11:00 amDocumentary Photography“, a talk presented by journalist/photographer Jahabar Sadiq, as part of the CLICKS@BLACKBOX program segmentBlack Box
2:00 pmCLICKS@BLACKBOX Photography Talks
A series of talks and workshops covering a wide array of topics relating to photography
Black Box
2:30 pmWatercolor Art Class: How To Paint Flowers
Conducted by artist Haris Rashid. Two-hour class, no age restrictions, Beginner to Intermediate. RM 70 fee, which includes all materials (participants encouraged to bring own brushes)
White Box
3:30 pmKanta Box Kamra Photobooth
Operated by photographer Jeffrey Lim.
White Box
6:00 pm“Kanta Box Kamra“, a talk presented by photographer Jeffrey Lim, as part of the CLICKS@BLACKBOX program segment, where he will share some background about this very interesting projectBlack Box


Sunday, 13 September

11:00 amChildren’s Art Class: Pattern-making Using Natural Materials
Conducted by Studio Mekar. One-hour class, for ages 6 – 14. RM 50 fee, which includes all materials
White Box
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