A Painter’s Journey: Solo exhibition by Shyevin S’ng

A Painter’s Journey: Solo exhibition by Shyevin S’ng

A Painter's Journey

Shyevin S’ng is a young artist originally from the small fishing village of Kuala Kurau in northern Perak. For the last several years, however, she has been working as an artist in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. She has participated in several exhibitions outside of Malaysia, but only started exhibiting locally last year, when four of her works were included in Emergence, a group exhibition of six young artists held at Artemis Art.

“A Painter’s Journey” is Shyevin’s third solo exhibition, and her first exhibition in Malaysia, making it a sort of homecoming solo, of sorts. An avid traveler, she is often inspired by the natural landscapes she visits. In this exhibition, we get a glimpse of the places she has traveled to, documented in rich oil textures that are the mainstay of her artistic style.

Shyevin portraitShyevin developed her impasto style approximately 5 years ago, inspired by the Vietnamese artists around her, and by Eston Tan, the well-known Malaysian artist, whom she regards as a mentor. Her bold and daring strokes we see in her works are a reflection of the artist’s character. She paints with the aim to bring the viewer closer to how she thinks and feels – a sort of intimacy, if you would, with her thoughts and feelings.

Although she is not well-known in Malaysia, Shyevin has made quite a name for herself in Vietnam. She was invited to hold a solo exhibition at the Fine Art Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, a major art venue in the city. Her exhibition covered the entire ground level of the two storey museum, and was well-received. The reception to her works was so good, the museum decided to extend the run of her exhibition to allow even more people to have the opportunity to view her works.

Shyevin’s works have been exhibited in a number of galleries, and apart from Vietnamese collectors, her works have been acquired by collectors from around the world, including from the United States of America, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, and of course, from Malaysia.

It is indeed an honor for Artemis Art to host Shyevin’s solo exhibition, one that we consider a ‘homecoming’ exhibition. It is our hope that this exhibition provides the opportunity for art enthusiasts in her home country to get more acquainted with her works.

“A Painter’s Journey” will begin its run at Artemis Art on August 24, and will continue until September 14, 2013. The exhibition will officially open at 6pm on Saturday, August 24, 2013. We are indeed honored to have Ms. Nani Kahar, co-founder of labDNA, and a friend of the arts, to be our guest of honor. labDNA is an architectural design practice that seeks to extend possibilities through engagement of fine art, popular culture and social activism in urban development strategies and currently directs the art and cultural programs at Publika and MAP.


A Painter’s Journey – a sneak preview of works

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We do hope that art enthusiasts do come for the official opening to support this young artist. Regardless of the circumstances of why we travel, coming home is always a special occasion. To state a popular cliché: there’s no place like home. We would like to think that through this exhibition, after all her years of being away from Malaysia, Shyevin S’ng, the traveling painter, has finally come home.

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