6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair 2018

Artemis Art begins its October with the participation in “6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair”, which will be held in Regency Art Hotel, Macau. We will be featuring artworks by a Taiwanese Artist, Lin Hui-Heng.

A city with its innovation and cultural diversity constantly shaped by its multicultural roots, Macau has seen the fair being successfully held twice in the past, supporting the young artists and the development of creative industries of Macau while bringing creativity into the homely hotel rooms. The fair also collaborates with Dr. Stanley Ho Foundation presenting the Dr. Stanley Ho Foundation Art Award in support of emerging artists.

The third edition of “6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair” is set to open on October 11 to 14, 2018 in parallel with “Y Show”. “Y Show” is the First Macau Art Graduates Joint Exhibition aiming to provide an opportunity for graduates to showcase their talents. With these two events together the fair hopes to attract more art lovers, collectors and entrepreneurs to the site, enjoying the variety of artworks together. Should you need further information about our participation, email us at in**@ar***************.com.



Artemis Art 即將與台灣藝術家林慧姮在十月參加澳门丽景湾酒店舉辦的「6075澳门酒店艺术博览会」。



Lin Hui-Heng (林慧姮)

2346_LIN HUI HENG (biography)林慧姮創作簡介簡歷中英文 (2) (1)-1-1

Full artist CV/profile 

Previous art fairs & exhibitions (selected)

This is Artemis Art’s first collaboration with the artist

Lin Hui-Heng is an artist who expresses herself mostly via symbolisms and abstractions. She graduated with Master of Fine Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts, and is currently based in Taipei.

Her early works used dinosaurs as symbols to illustrate relationship between humans and nature, modern social media issues, and contrast between what things look like and what they really are. She thinks of painting as a way of prediction, where she projects her subconscious and future.Common themes of her works include humans memory and clues of human behaviours in literature, fairy tales, fables, and mythology.

林慧姮是位主要以抽象與象徵來表達自己的藝術家。畢業於國立臺北藝術大學美術創作研究所, 目前生活與工作在台北。

早期的作品藉由“恐龍”這個符號象徵人與自然、環境的關係, 社會中的媒體文化;外在的表象與內在的真實。認為繪畫為一種預言方式, 將潛意識與未來顯影於作品中。作品常涉及人類集體在文學經典、童話、寓言、神話中的記憶與線索。

Artwork Preview

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