• SC Shekar: Sacred Currents

    In Sacred Currents photographer SC Shekar pays homage to Malaysia's rich riverine ecologies

  • Syahbandi Samat: Beautiful Torture

    A solo exhibition by Syahbandi Samat, delving further into the human experience

  • Art Central Hong Kong 2024

    Dedy Sufriadi's ``Scarlet Re-Born`` explores insights and lessons from popular media

  • Art Fair Philippines 2024

    We present ``Humans Of The World``, a collection of four artists whose works seek what makes us human

  • Syahbandi Samat: The Road Less Travelled

    Solo exhibition by Malaysian artist Syahbandi Samat, celebrating his more than decade-long career

  • Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2023

    Our Japan exhibition and art fair debut features seven artists from Southeast Asia and Taiwan

  • Volta Basel 2023

    Our return to Volta Basel features works by Dedy Sufriadi, Syahbandi Samat, and Taufik Ermas

  • Art Solo 2023

    Our participation this year features a dual solo by Dedy Sufriadi and Taufik Ermas

  • Future Myth: Art Central Hong Kong 2023

    ``Future Myth``, a collaborative project by Dedy Sufriadi and Taufik Ermas

  • Art Fair Philippines 2023

    Artemis Art returns to Manila for this year's edition of Art Fair Philippines

  • Asia NOW Paris 2022

    Feature page for our debut participation in Asia NOW - Paris Asian Art Fair

  • Volta Basel 2022

    Artemis Art presents ``The Sentience of Subtle Intelligence``, a solo showing by Taufik Ermas at Volta Basel 2022

  • Dedy Sufriadi in Venice 2022

    Dedy Sufriadi makes his European debut at PERSONAL STRUCTURES: Reflection in Venice

  • Dedy Sufriadi: TEXTURE

    Dedy Sufriadi makes his major art fair debut in Taiwan with Art Solo 2022

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