• LAMANTARA by Ajim Juxta

    Recent works by the artist are featured in this solo exhibition, a collaboration with Core Design Gallery

  • Art Jakarta 2022

    Artemis Art returns to Art Jakarta for the revival of the in-person version of this long-running fair

  • Volta Basel 2022

    Artemis Art presents ``The Sentience of Subtle Intelligence``, a solo showing by Taufik Ermas at Volta Basel 2022

  • Chrysalis by Kimberley Boudville

    Kimberley Boudville's second solo exhibition, in collaboration with The Backroom KL

  • Dedy Sufriadi in Venice 2022

    Dedy Sufriadi makes his European debut at PERSONAL STRUCTURES: Reflection in Venice

  • Dedy Sufriadi: TEXTURE

    Dedy Sufriadi makes his major art fair debut in Taiwan with Art Solo 2022

  • Art For All: Let There Be COLOUR

    Artemis Art presents 18 artists at our first domestic in-person art fair in two years...

  • ART@23

    Come appreciate art in a quaint and unique way at George Town's art boutique hotel of choice

  • 2021 in Review

    ... and a sneak preview of what to expect in 2022

  • Nando's YOUthReka Expand Your PERi-meters 2 Archive

    Eight young visual artists, all of whom are past years' winners of Nando's Malaysia Art Initiative competitions

  • ART021: Perceptive Intuition by Dedy Sufriadi

    Artemis Art's ART021 debut presents works by Dedy Sufriadi from his Tabula Rasa series of paintings

  • Intuitive Perceptions Virtual Exhibition

    An online exclusive virtual exhibition of works by Ajim Juxta, Dedy Sufriadi, and Syahbandi Samat

  • Dedy Sufriadi - Superficial Readers

    Documenting Dedy's magnum opus massive installation & solo

  • Art Central Hong Kong 2021

    Artemis Art returns to Art Central Hong Kong featuring works by Dedy Sufriadi, Jumaldi Alfi and Taufik Ermas

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