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This is Artemis Art's website where information about exhibitions and other gallery activities are promoted. Artemis Art's key focus area is in young and emerging artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries within the Southeast Asia region.
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Artemis Art 2.0

Artemis Art 2.0

Artemis Art 2point-oh

Welcome to Artemis Art 2.0 – a new gallery to open a new chapter in our continuing story

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Artemis Art story, with the opening of our new gallery space.

We’re now part of Publika proper, and much closer to where all the art action is! The new gallery is nestled between Galeri Chandan and interpr8 art space, on Level G4 (Block C5) of Publika Shopping Gallery.

To launch the new gallery space, we are indeed fortunate and privileged to host the Cracko Art Group’s “Circus” Exhibition, on the second leg of its tour after being in Penang’s ChinaHouse in November 2012.

Visitors to the new gallery will see a starkly different Artemis Art – for one, we’ve decided to go all-white, and we’ve also made it a lot neater compared to the old gallery. And although we now have a much smaller space compared to our first gallery, we think that the art experience will be enhanced with the new gallery’s compactness.

We started construction of the new gallery about two months ago (give or take), and it has been a very unrestful two months for team Artemis. But as we started the final set up yesterday, there was a sense of surreal elation as we saw it all come together.


The gallery space two months ago, just before the start of construction

And come together nicely it certainly has.

Our new gallery in the midst of final set up yesterday

Our new gallery in the midst of final set up yesterday

A new gallery, however, doesn’t mean that our core mission has changed. Artemis Art remains committed to promoting young art and artists, as well as lend a hand when we can to the cause of promoting a heightened level of appreciation for the arts. Our hosting of “Circus” to inaugurate the opening of our new gallery  is testament to this.

Two of the artists from the Cracko Art Group (CAG) collective whom you'll get to meet in person today: Cracko Blabak and Harold "Egn" Eswar.

Two of the artists from the Cracko Art Group (CAG) collective whom you’ll get to meet in person today: Cracko (right) and Harold “Egn” Eswar.

Without a doubt, the future of the Malaysian art scene lies with the young – artists and collectors alike. The young artists we’ve had the privilege to meet over the last year or so have shown us an unwavering commitment to their craft, and where and when we can, Artemis Art remains committed to helping promote them.

There are many people to thank for helping us get to where we are today. Too many, in fact, to name in person. But we certainly do appreciate the advice and support that has been rendered to us. And we shall be for ever grateful.

And so today, January 13, 2013, we say goodbye to the opening chapter in our journey…

Our first gallery... the learning ground that we will never forget

Our first gallery… the learning ground that we will never forget

… and welcome the start of a new chapter.


Team Artemis – U.C. Loh, Claire Skelchy, and me, S. Jamal Al-Idrus – invite you to share our new beginning to the continuing adventure in art. Welcome to Artemis Art 2.0.

p.s. CAG’s “Circus” Exhibition officially opens today at 3pm, but do drop by earlier if you’re in the vicinity. We’re now located at Lot 21 & 22, Level G4 Publika @ Dutamas (Block C5 Solaris Dutamas).

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