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Our gallery focuses on showcasing the talents of young Malaysian artists, and emerging artists from around the region, with a special emphasis on contemporary artists from Indonesia.

In addition to hosting exhibitions, our gallery also provides art enthusiasts access to selected art publications for sale.

Currently being exhibited at the gallery are artworks from our stock, as we are in between exhibitions, so to speak. Among those featured are works by artists Dedy Sufriadi, Andy Firmanto, and Justin Y.

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Five talented female artists join forces to form a collective called Cerebral V and present FACETS, coming soon to White Box, MAP@Publika. Cerebral V consists of Christine Das, Jasmine Kok, Lisa Foo, Poojita Menon, and Yante Ismail.

The exhibition presents a myriad of concerns, viewed from a woman’s perspective, but are universal in nature. The exhibition aims at debunking the belief that concerns expressed by women are those affecting women alone.

FACETS will commence on 17 August and continues until 23 August, 2015. Artworks to be exhibited will be available for preview at Artemis Art beginning August 8, 2015.

Recent Exhibitions


FACETS is a group exhibition by five women artists who call their collective Cerebral V. Consisting of Christine Das, Jasmine Kok, Lisa Foo, Poojitha Menon, and Yante Ismail, Cerebral V considers itself a collective of "thinking artists"....


Comprising Aizat Ahmad, Azimuddin Manaf, Nazri Tahir, and Zaimuddin Aziz, Variant tackles a myriad of subject matter types, reflective of the diversity in ideas and thought exhibited by these young artists' generation....

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has them, and what form they take varies from one individual to the next. What we're referring to is, of course, Guilty Pleasures, and that's the title chosen by Cracko Art Group (CAG) for their series of exhibitions, the first of which will be ...

Behind The Wall

With “Behind The Wall”, B.A.G. (Barrel Art Group), a collective of four young artists, essentially continues with the long-standing tradition of using visual art as a form of social commentary and criticism....

Beauty In The Beast

In all likelihood, “beauty” is not an attribute that one would automatically associate ferocious wildlife with. For young artist, Haris Rashid, however, it is exactly this attribute he finds fascinating and sees an innate beauty within these creature...

Three Under Twenty One

Since we began back in 2011, one of Artemis Art’s main focus areas has been the promotion of young artists. So, we thought that for the last exhibition of the year we would do something that keeps to this aim....

Born In Malaysia: A Photographer’s Journey

When “Born in Malaysia” was used as the basis for a unity-themed exhibition earlier this year at Publika, Kuala Lumpur, it opened the book up to a wider audience. Part of the exhibition focused on the superb photography that played a major ro...

3Gen: A Family Affair

It’s a well-known fact that certain traits and mannerisms are passed down from one generation to the next. But what about artistic talent?...


That idea that humans are pattern seeking creatures is not a new one. How we make sense of what we see around us will differ from one individual to the next, and depends on many factors, such as the person’s cumulative life experiences, his or......

What does UNITY mean to you?

The Born In Malaysia Unity Exhibition, a collaboration between Artemis Art and photographer Kenny Loh, is currently on at The Boulevard, Level G2 Publika Shopping Gallery, in Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur. One of the interesting components of the exhibit...

Born In Malaysia Unity Exhibition

When photographer Kenny Loh published Born In Malaysia last year, it was a culmination of three years’ worth of work documenting what is arguably a superb chronicle of the vast cultural diversity that has made this nation the envy of many. The att...


The word spontaneous has a few meanings, depending on context. One of these definitions is the idea of a natural inclination or impulse, and the absence of external stimuli. SPONTANEOUS #1 is the first project by CONJOIN, the fledgling art collective rec...